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Best way to get latest mesa on Ubuntu 18.04
ShabbyX Aug 3, 2022
Hi! In your experience, what's the best way to get the latest mesa on Ubuntu 18.04? Do you use the Kisak PPA? Any stability issues? Is the fact that Ubuntu 18.04 is on Linux 5.4 a problem?

I'd be interested to have answers for both AMD and Intel.
dpanter Aug 3, 2022
The only answer I can give here is one you likely already know. Upgrade your distro.
18.04 is nearing end-of-life for the main 5 year support cycle.
wl_exterminator Aug 3, 2022
Kisak repo was generally okay for me when using Ubuntu 20.04+. Can't vouch for Ubuntu 18.04

As @dpanter has already said, I would strongly recommend upgrading your distro
ShabbyX Aug 4, 2022
FWIW, I'm asking this because I'm trying to find a way to get recent drivers on the older Ubuntu in our CI, upgrading which is not currently in priority.

At home I'm obviously using something much newer :)
ShabbyX Aug 7, 2022
Still looking for an answer. I wouldn't believe there's no way to upgrade graphics drivers on Ubuntu 18.04!
Galaxyfist Aug 7, 2022
honestly you would be best served by updating to the newest lts and use kiosk. Or chose a
rolling release distro like opensuse tumbleweed or arch.
dpanter Aug 7, 2022
Quoting: ShabbyXStill looking for an answer. I wouldn't believe there's no way to upgrade graphics drivers on Ubuntu 18.04!
Of course there's a way, we're strongly advising you to upgrade instead since there's no point in doing it for this ancient distro release. If you have a mission critical machine that can't be upgraded then leave it the hell alone, if it's not mission critical then upgrade to the most recent release you can. 22.04 LTS has been out many months now.

You have been warned... here be dragons.
Avehicle7887 Aug 7, 2022
Quoting: dpanterYou have been warned... here be dragons.

This is probably the fastest solution for such a request.

The other alternative would be to compile Mesa from source, but it can be very time consuming.
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