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What games did you just not like?
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TimeFreeze Jul 6, 2023
Stole the idea from those 2 threads: first one and second one

Anyway what games did you just not like despite the fact that most players and critics enjoyed them and even praise them?

For me there are a few: Fair warning though i might trigger a few ppl with my opinions.

System Shock Remake The ending sucks, the final battle is horrible. Cyberspace is way worse. The mix of "HD" and pixelated textures. No ambient music like in the original. Not really a complaint about the game itself but whatever: No Native Linux version even though it was promised since the stretchgoal got reached on kickstarter but oh well its not the first time Nightdive promised something and then just went silent right? Personally i rather play the Enhanced Version instead of this demake.

Black Mesa God do i hate this demake. Cutting out entire sections, taking ages to finish Xen, removing a few things. Again the Original is by far superior and the better experience.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon I love the Yakuza series but i really dislike that one. Now we have a Turn Based JRPG like, a Main Character i could not care less about. And overall just boring game. I tried it for 5 hours but no, just no.

Postal 4 Well not sure about the critics but at least the fan base seems to love it. For my part? It sucks. Postal 3 is by far BY FAR better than THIS crap. And then the devs still have the nerves to make fun about Postal 3.

Not really a "game" but rather a mod:

Entropy Zero 1 & 2 "Mod of the Year" , "Opposing Force 2" and so on. Whats so great about those mods? They suck. Mediocre at best but definitely not "Mod of the Year".
Grogan Jul 6, 2023
Hah! If I have too many games that I ended up loving unexpectedly to pick one (the other thread), games I was unexpectedly disappointed in are too many to even pick one EXAMPLE. Especially seeing as I'm rather limited in the types of games I can or will play.

That leads me to this example that popped into my head. Back in the brick and mortar days, I used to buy PC games at an EB Games location. I picked up the box of "Company of Heroes" and everything my eyeballs scanned made me think it was going to be a Call of Duty-like game.

Well, it was a crock of shit! (I'd not even seen that strategy genre before, so imagine my disgust at first exposure and it didn't seem to be a very good one at that, in retrospect)

I took it back to EB Games for a trade in, but the lad understood what happened to me there, and refunded the full price. (refunds for opened software were not a thing here, then... "take it up with the company after you break the shrink wrap" so I wasn't expecting that)
Pengling Jul 6, 2023
Toxic Bunny (MS-DOS). I was told that it was an action-platformer that's a bit like Jazz Jackrabbit. It was nothing like Jazz Jackrabbit.

There's nothing fundamentally wrong with it for what it is, and I know that it has its fans. It's just that rather than being similar to Jazz, it's a lot more like the slow-paced "arcade adventure" titles that I grew up with on the Commodore 64 (for those old enough and British enough, I mean stuff like the mainline Dizzy series, Little Puff in Dragonland, Olli & Lissa 3, and the like), which always looked fun to me but were drawn-out slogs that ultimately weren't to my taste because they were more about inventory-management and carrying arbitrary items to particular spots in a far-too-big interconnected world, than they were about platforming or action or anything even remotely arcade-like.

I ended up getting a refund on that one.

Last edited by Pengling on 6 July 2023 at 7:39 pm UTC
Xpander Jul 6, 2023
Horizon: Zero Dawn - I just don't get it how people love this game. Its very basic game imo. Story doesnt hook me at all, Gameplay is pisspoor. Designed for Controller use. OpenWorld is dull an boring.
Hide in the grass so they don't see you.. yeah... not for me.

DOOM Eternal - I loved the DOOM (2016), but Eternal, while having much better visuals is just kinda dull. While the gunplay was still really good (except the forced weapon switching because of the ammo) the platforming parts just made me want to throw my keyboard into the monitor. I dont love platforming in my shooter games. Please stop with that.

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Its probably a good game still, but i just can't stand the main character, which makes it hard for me to play this.

Sleeping Dogs - Everyone loves this but the melee combat is so dull and boring... Just smash the buttons. Driving a car isnt too fun either. World is nicely done though.

edit: System Shock Remake i just love it.. I never really got into the original back in the days.. it felt way too clunky even back then. Remake seems to be just spot on. No handholding but some great gunplay and gameplay adjustments to make it not clunky.
Black Mesa i like also more than original Half Life.. Xen levels specially. The original was just very dull platforming with not much content. Black Mesa makes it much more enjoyable.

Last edited by Xpander on 6 July 2023 at 9:59 pm UTC
junibegood Jul 7, 2023
I must be very picky, because there are a lot of games for me in that category.

To name a few that come to mind :
  • XCOM Enemy Unknown : I found the lore and the story so classic and boring that I never managed to get into it, despite being a fan of turn based games in general.

  • Mount & Blade : this game is supposed to be all about immersion, but various elements broke it for me (bad animations, empty landscapes, combat mechanics I didn't enjoy...)

  • Snakebird : I like puzzle games. I'm not very good at them but I usually beat at least half of every game, and fail at some point in harder levels (I don't like to cheat with help from the web). Snakebird is so difficult that I'm not sure I beat more than 1% of it. It was enjoyable in the beginning, but it didn't last long.

dorron 7 years Jul 7, 2023
Final Fantasy VII: IMO the most overrated game of all time. Terrible gameplay.
Zeldas after Link to the Past: I just don't like them. Link to the Past style was just perfect.
Horizon Zero Dawn series: The gameplay is terrible.
Resident Evil games: Not my cup of tea.
StoneColdSpider Jul 8, 2023
Oh I have a ton.......

Prime examples being..... The Legend of Zelda....... Ecco the Dolphin..... Half-Life....... Halo......

The most recent of these I played was Locked Door Crisis...... I mean...... Dino Crisis...... "Its Resident Evil with dinosaurs"..... Yeah...... No....... Its rather bland and boring and long periods of time can go by with seemingly nothing happening and no dinosaurs.........

Some other notable ones.....

Half-Life is basically half a game....... First half is really good on earth and its great fun...... Then Freeman gets teleported to Xen and it all goes to shite..........

Super Mario RPG........ The game that made me learn that I would never like a Square RPG........

"Kart" racers...... Name any of them...... Mario Kart, Crash Bandicoot Kart racer..... Diddy Kong Kart...... nickelodeon kart racers..... I think even Sonic had one at one point........ Whatever...... I have never liked the kart racing games...... People love them thought...... And I honestly cant figure out why.........

Thats call I can think off right now..... Im sure ill think of more in the future.......
PublicNuisance Jul 8, 2023
I'm taking this to mean games that others did like but I didn't ? In that case I hated Resident Evil 4 onwards. I'm not a fan of Splinter Cell games; Metal Gear Soid Games or the Amnesia series. I'm not a huge Elder Scrolls fan. I can respect what these games are trying to do but they're not for me. I can list lots of other games I didn't like but I feel like most would agree on them.
Big_and_donkey Jul 10, 2023
I grew up playing a ton of Saints' Row IV and The Third and heard great things about the first two games, so I bought the second game and it just didn't really click with me the way the ones I played before did. I know the humor in the newer games is pretty childish, but so was I

I wonder if I would enjoy it more if I went back to play it now?
Grogan Jul 10, 2023
Quoting: Big_and_donkeyI grew up playing a ton of Saints' Row IV and The Third and heard great things about the first two games, so I bought the second game and it just didn't really click with me the way the ones I played before did. I know the humor in the newer games is pretty childish, but so was I

I wonder if I would enjoy it more if I went back to play it now?

I also couldn't get into the older ones. Saints Row The Third was actually the first time I ever heard of the franchise. At the time, my friend sent me out to find it (he wasn't very mobile) for Xbox 360. I loved it, so I bought it on Steam when I got home.

Childish? I'm 58 and I get a kick out of that. I don't let "adults" brow beat me. I'll smack them with my big purple rubber melee schlong (I love the way it snaps back and forth between two enemies lol!) :-)

Saints Row IV started to get a bit silly with that digistructed alien stuff (and that wire frame crap turned me off). I completed it though, as it had its moments. Saints Row Gat out of Hell was too stupid, even for me.

I recently rebought Saints Row The Third (not the remaster, they ruined that for no reason) on GoG so I'd never lose it. I did that after the Linux port stopped working (at least for me, with a modern software load).
Klaas Jul 10, 2023
Quoting: GroganSaints Row IV started to get a bit silly
What‽ How can you say the The Third isn't silly? That's the reason that I like it.
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