I regret buying Baldur's Gate 3
Tripple_U Sep 26, 2023
Hi There!

This might be an unusual first post of a new member, but I wanted to get these thoughts out of my system.

I use Linux as my only gaming OS for about seven years now and I love it most of the time. I'm OK with having to tweak many games and/or having to live with performance issues or bugs.
Yes, sometimes I'm frustrated because I can't play a specific game, but on the other hand, there are so many great games, that most of the time simply play a different one.

Recently I bought a new Tuxedo-Gaming-Laptop, because my old one was getting too unreliable. My gaming budget is not very high so this means that I won't be able to buy full-priced games for some time that easily. But that was totally fine. When Diablo IV came out and made a great first impression, I did not even flinch because I would have to wait some time until I could afford it.

Enter Baldur's Gate 3. I love RPGs and all over sudden all of my coworkers were talking about, how great the game is, and what they had done at this point in the game and so on.
Of course I was intrigued. I watched a few Youtube Videos, checked ProtonDB for compatibility Issues, thought about it for a few days, shuffled some money around and finally bought it.

One reason was, that I really wanted to dive in a beautiful, high fantasy, classic RPG with complex characters and decisions that matter. And everyone and their dog said that BG 3 had exactly this. I played a pen & paper RPG (not D&D) in my youth, so I was also keen on exploring this new System (for some reason I had never connected to any D&D game).
I also had another, even more important reason to buy the game:
I suffer from Depression and longed to participate in the experience, everyone was talking about. I wanted to have something shiny and new. Something to look forward to, when I come home to work, something that I could enjoy for myself.
And since the game has gold-status on protonDB and I have a new computer I even would not have to worry about running it smoothly.

But it did not run smoothly, worse it sometimes did not run at all. I bought it on GOG, installed it with Heroic and Lutris and either way I had significant performance issues: Lags, low framerates and pauses in dialogs because the game needed longer to calculate and load the next sentence of a character than it took to finish the previous one.
And the fact that the launcher complained about old nvidia dirvers (which were up-to-date, according to Discover) or corrupted files did not boost my confidence either.
But at least it ran (or rather, walked if you excuse my pun).

Than came Patch #2. First Heroic would not install it because I allegedly had not enough space, although 20 to 30 GB of my drive were empty. So i saved my save files, and re-installed it over night, only to have massive texture errors that rendered the game unplayable.
It took my some time to notice, that the game REQUIRES the use of Proton-Experimental to run. So far I only had experienced the requirement for a specific Wine or Proton Version for older or more obscure games and had not paid much attention to the mentions of Proton-Experimental, especially because some users specifically used Version 8.something.

But after I figured that out, the game ran as well as never before. I was finally able to enjoy this masterpiece of a game. I even began a new character to avoid some mistakes I made before.

But last Friday Patch #3 happened. Of course I was not expecting Heroic to just install the update, although I had even more free disk space than the last time (I had re-installed the whole system in the meantime). So, I removed the game, but kept the configuration and started the installation again. To my surprise the process began at 87%, what baffled me without further consequence. I had planed an over night installation and did not alter my plan, because it was already late.
On Saturday, I started the game with the familiar old-driver-corrupted-data-pop-up in the launcher only to have texture issues AGAIN.
I decided to re-install the game without keeping the configs and never saw the Main Menu again.
Since then the game crashes every single time I try to start it. With DirectX it crashes to the desktop and the launcher wants to send a crash report, with Vulkan I need to use xkill.

And here Endeth my journey.
I am frustrated. Very frustrated. Not only because the game does not run, but because (as so many times before) it seems that I am the ONLY person on the whole f*ing planet, who has the problem.
For the issues I had prior, I did not find a single hint online, that worked for me, even when I found someone who had the same texture problem that I had after Patch #2.
And now I can not find a single Patch #3 related issue at all. So it seems that I am the only moron who can not get this game to run.
And I've spent many hours or even days of my life combing through forums in search of bits and pieces that would help me with my issues. And yes, I know that more often than not the problem IS in front of the screen (as proven by the whole Proton-Experimental thing).

But this time, it is too much!
I needed this game to work! Even if it miraculously would work tomorrow, I could not enjoy it, in fear that the next patch (or even package Update on my System) could destroy it without warning or trace.
And to add insult to injury, one week prior to buying the game, I decided (for all the right reasons) NOT to buy the tickets to a concert that one of my favorite bands was giving only an one-hour-ride away from me, that I already hat in my cart and which was sold out in under seven minutes and that cost roughly the same that BG3.

Thank you for reading this long text.
I do not expect you to reply anything or offer technical support.
I just needed a place to whine and vent.

I hope you'll have a great gaming experience on Linux, no matter the issues we as Playing Penguins are facing.
Have a great day!
poke86 Sep 26, 2023
Have you tried installing the game using Steam (add a non-steam game)? I've had more luck with Steam than with Lutris for GOG games.
From memory, "Add a non steam game" > select the GOG exe > Steam will add the game to you library, don't launch yet! > right click, Properties > select Proton Experimental in the Compatibility tab > launch the game and the install process should begin.

Once it's done, right click, Properties, you should see a path to the game's installer, change it to point to the main game exe. You should be good to go.

Hope it helps

PS if you still have the game files on you drive you could try to add the exe directly as a non-steam game and see if that works

Last edited by poke86 on 26 September 2023 at 3:00 pm UTC
DoctorJunglist Sep 26, 2023
I bet If you had the game on Steam instead of GOG, a lot of your problems would go away. I recommend sticking to Steam in the future - it makes gaming on Linux a lot smoother. They also are the main driving force behind gaming on Linux.

I own it on Steam - I had some problems with the game, but after the recent updates it seems to run quite well on my aging rig.
Grogan Sep 26, 2023
If you're using Lutris, you need to realize that YOU need to choose an appropriate wine runner (and possibly settings). What it chooses by default (by default) may not be appropriate. It may be "System Wine" or some older Lutris runner (instead of the Lutris-GE ones)

Note that with Lutris 0.5.13 you can actually choose a Proton from your Steam setup as the runner again and it handles it more correctly than it did in the past (before they took it away)

Another thing about Lutris is that the game install scripts are more often than not, broken or they don't do the right thing. Better to create a Lutris prefix manually and install your game.

Click the + sign, choose "add locally installed game", choose runner and settings. You'll have to choose the runner type "wine" and choose the patth to the prefix, but for now leave the game executable field blank. Then in the right drop list menu, choose "Wine Configuration" which will generate the wine prefix and run winecfg. Just dismiss that, and now your wine prefix is ready to receive a game install. Run your installer (or game client installer) with "Run EXE in Wine Prefix" and it will run it in context.

General advice, not Baldur's Gate specific.
dvd Sep 26, 2023
Heroic launcher does not install correctly from gog. use gog downloader, innoextract and simply point it to the executable afterwards. You may need to set the language from chinese to english in the language config file. I ran it with Wine-GE-Proton8-13.

Last edited by dvd on 26 September 2023 at 7:40 pm UTC
Valck Oct 3, 2023
Quoting: DoctorJunglistI bet If you had the game on Steam instead of GOG, a lot of your problems would go away. I recommend sticking to Steam in the future - it makes gaming on Linux a lot smoother. They also are the main driving force behind gaming on Linux.

I own it on Steam - I had some problems with the game, but after the recent updates it seems to run quite well on my aging rig.

That sounds an awful lot like "just boot Windows, I don't have any issues there".
My apologies for not being helpful, but neither was this... suggestion.
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