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How big is your Steam library?
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BlackBloodRum Nov 12, 2023
Quoting: Linux_Rocks
Quoting: BlackBloodRumA thread to say "mine's bigger than yours", really? My god. haha.

But I'll play along I suppose.
A big chunk of my Steam library are free games, and basically all of what I've paid for was on sale. Which also includes a lotta DLC and soundtracks, and I've got some software and videos too. lol
uhuh ;-) sure, you weren't trying to brag at all..

(Don't take offence, I'm just messing with you )
Linux_Rocks Nov 12, 2023
Quoting: BlackBloodRum(Don't take offence, I'm just messing with you )
Oh, none was taken. Though my Steam wishlist is ridiculously huge too. It's a sickness. XD
saellaven Nov 12, 2023
Like others, lots of bundles... and since I started a business and a serious relationship, my free time has plummeted.

level 62
10.6 years
Account value: $4703
96 out of 968 games played 9%

Average price
Average price per hour
Hours on record
Average playtime
Today's prices
Linux_Rocks Dec 5, 2023
My Steam Profile from SteamDB:

      Value: $6417
      Games owned: 4374
      Games played: 105 (2%)
      Hours on record: 200.3h

Updated. :P

Last edited by Linux_Rocks on 9 December 2023 at 1:40 pm UTC
Mezron Dec 5, 2023
I have one account going back to 2013 with 5 games on it but SteamDB does not work on it.

Revenge of the Titans
Titans Attack
Droid Assault
Halls of Torment

whizse Dec 5, 2023

      Value: 906€
      Games owned: 518
      Games played: 259 (50%)
      Hours on record: 2,331.6h

Keep in mind that it is winter, and it shrinks in the cold.
nigachad Dec 5, 2023
My Steam Profile (from [URL=https://steamdb.info/calculator/76561199027092465/?cc=us]SteamDB[/URL])

      Value: $375
      Games owned: 192
      Games played: 84 (43%)
      Hours on record: 867.8h
amatai Dec 5, 2023
      Value: 2463€
      Games owned: 670
      Games played: 413 (61%)
      Hours on record: 5,527.9h

Probably not paid that much, I tend to mostly buy bundle and more often than not the lower tier that tends to have more value for money and I have maybe 100 out of almost 700 games that I somehow got free.
robvv Dec 6, 2023
Value: EUR 11,752
Games owned: 1,228
Games played: 841
Hours on record: 6371.3h

I have a lot more games on GOG and itch, too!
My Steam Profile (from SteamDB):
      Value: $7222
      Games owned: 4765
      Games played: 109 (2%)
      Hours on record: 204.1h
Post-sale update. 🧐

Last edited by Linux_Rocks on 7 January 2024 at 7:00 pm UTC
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