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BoohaBlox Arcade - Puzzle Game
Fully_Bugged Nov 17, 2023


We just released our new game BoohaBlox - Arcade:
a Puzzle League/ Panel de Pon/ Tetris Attack/ variation of these games.

This Arcade version is fully free, and offers you the full package of the arcade mode for you to play during hours. This puzzle game offers many way to play with 3 game modes:
- Marathon
- Timed
- Endless

Each allowing you to set up
- The numbers of columns
- The starting speed
- The scroll up type
- And a Colorblind mode (based on the IBM palette).

The game's menu can be switched between English, French and Bahasa (Indonesian language) for now. Players can choose to use their Keyboard or Gamepad to play.

The Linux version is proposed as a Zip file with an appimage inside.
We hope you'll try it, any feedback will be appreciated.


Thx very much.
Cheers !

Fully_Bugged Dec 18, 2023
The 1.0.2 update is pushed and now available

This includes:

Main changes:

  • Fixed game speed score multiplier.

  • Fixed alpha on UI panels

  • 3 new languages (Deutsch, Magyar, Norsk)


  • Speed up Cursor's Delayed Auto Shift.

  • Can now use Spacebar to confirm selection in Menus.

  • Added new Keyboard bindings (swap Z-X) (raise C-V).

  • Fixed bug with Cursor when user presses conflicting directions (e.g UP/DOWN).

Minor changes:

  • Fixed empty frame on first game launch (time for resources to load)

  • Replaced Font to be less glitchy in "window" mode.

  • Minor Menus tweaks (height adjustments).

  • Added game's version numbers in Credits' menu.

Let us know what you think, and thx again for checking it out if you do! :)
Happy New Year everyone!

Since then, if you missed it, we released

The 1.0.3
- Removed horizontal ghost matches.
- Fixed the Combo Chain Score Modifiers.
- Balanced Combo Chain Scores at very high level.
- Nerf all Time paused values for all type of blocs match.
- Removed all time Increments in Time Mode.
- Increased Time Mode duration to 2 mins (instead of 1:30).
- Smaller Linux Appimage.

The 1.1.0
- Add the challenging Pro mode.
- Changed some GFX for it to be more visible for Streamers.
- Nerf back the normal mode to be more fun.
- Fix the very bad block stutter at high speed/high level.
- Filipino language added.

and the 1.1.1:

- Improved and completely refactor the Score System.
- Improve the ColorBlind block's colors and readability.
- Correction of major and minor hidden bugs.

That's it
Thx very much!
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