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AMD Graphics (Native - Non Native) Testing Area (mesa obiaff ppa)
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mrdeathjr Dec 19, 2023
Testing dhewm3 (doom3 + wulfen pack mod: use pom) using mangohud with opengl dont appear mangohud but with zink appear correctly

i try on uhd-630 when i had, but i remember use gpu at 100% and performance stay around 30fps

and now with vega 7 oc gpu usage stay around 75%, uhd-630 is too weak for this title



however performance seems similar and at simple seek i dont see bugs

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mrdeathjr Dec 31, 2023

Testing some titles

Shadow of Mordor Native Vulkan

Improvement compared geforce gtx 1050 is impressive because textures and models only can tested in medium because gtx 1050 only have 2gb of vram

But now with vega 7 oc support models in high and textures on ultra and gpu usage stay around 80 to 85% of usage but is much more smooth compared gtx 1050

Also have test some native games with zink and runs very well

and others

however zink use more vram around 100 to 200mb more compared regular implementation

back to wine appear some surprises case just cause 3

with gtx 1050 only can use textures and models in low because gtx 1050 only have 2gb of vram

but now as shadow of mordor can use models and textures in very high with smooth performance

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mrdeathjr Feb 13
Well with around two months of work update almost ready and videos now have chapters for more easily viewing

in this chapters show more easily information about: wine configuration - some fix if is required - game configuration and gameplay

mrdeathjr Feb 13
This is a first gameplay videos with amd igpu, compared previous experiences with nvidia and intel

amd is a.........

since test amd gpu around 10 years improvement is so huge and pass nvidia and intel in compatibility (this is outstanding), stability (this is mindblowing), performance and smoothness (outstanding too)

most titles used specially in wine case is non steam for test how run because steam have precompiled shaders

this is so impressive runs so smooth in various titles meanwhile when i had nvidia and minor on intel mesa have some stutter and little freezes related shaders

some examples of these are sonic and sega all stars racing, lord of the rings war in the north and others

performance improvement in vanquish is so huge for example vanquish on nvidia runs around 45fps when i had geforce gtx 1050 and now runs 60fps smoothly

other issue is see how affect 2gb of vram of gtx 1050 and now with vega 7 oc with 4gb texture missed are gone and performance up so much

some native apps - emulators use opengl and for these i decide use zink exclusive (i dont have interest in test opengl in this cases)

is impressive how zink runs on amd, feels more smooth than intel mesa and seems stay building for amd hardware than intel

however zink is not perfect for example in grid autosports is highly unstable in my case and using nanoboyadvance emulator show graphic bugs

curiously in bioshock infinite runs stable in begins but crash when appear in three father statues but if open game again in my case stay stable and dont show any crash after this

Resuming stay very impressed with amd mesa drivers and now personally believe is only real option for games i use

Native Games

Anima Gate of Memories Zink Native


Bioshock Infinite Zink Native


DevilutionX 1.5.2 Zink Native


Dhewm3 + Wulfen Mod Zink Native


Dirt 4 Vulkan Native


Forward to the Sky Zink Native


Gravel Zink Native


GRID Autosports Native


OpenMohaa 0.61 Zink Native


Poi Zink Native


Prey 2006 Zink Native


Saint Row The Third Zink Native


Shadow of Mordor Vulkan Native


Shadow Warrior Zink Native


TR1X 3.1 Zink Native


Yooka-Laylee Zink Native


Windows Games with Wine

Alan Wake D9VK


Bayonetta D9VK


Blur D9VK


Burnout Paradise D9VK


Control DXVK64


Darksiders 1 D9VK


Dead Rising 2 D9VK


Hellblade DXVK64


Just Cause 3 DXVK64


Lord of The Rings War in North D9VK


Metal Gear Rising Revengeance D9VK


Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 D9VK


Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 DXVK


Nier Automata DXVK64


Prey 2017 DXVK64


Prince of Persia 2008 D9VK


Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands D9VK


Ryse Son of Rome DXVK64


Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing D9VK


Stranglehold D9VK


Test Drive Unlimited 1 D9VK


Test Drive Unlimited 2 D9VK


The King of Fighters XIV Zink


The Legend of Korra D9VK


The Saboteur D9VK


TMNT Mutants in Manhattan D9VK


Vanquish D9VK


XIII 2020 DXVK64


Yakuza 0 DXVK64


Ys Origin D9VK


Native Emulators

Citra Vulkan Native


Clownmdemu 0.5.1 Zink Native


Duckstation Vulkan Native


Gopher64 Vulkan Native


Hades Zink Native


Mame 0.261 Zink Native


Mame 0.262 Zink Native


mGBA 0.13 GB Zink Native


mGBA 0.13 GBC Zink Native


mGBA 0.13 GBA Zink Native


mGBA 0.13 GBA3D Zink Native


NanoboyAdvance OpenGL Native


NooDS Zink Native


PPSSPP 1.17 Vulkan Native


Rosalie Mupen GUI 0.5.6 Zink Native


SameBoy 0.16.2 GB Zink Native


SameBoy 0.16.2 GBC Zink Native


Snes9x 1.62.3 Vulkan Native


VBA-M 2.18 GB Zink Native


VBA-M 2.18 GBC Zink Native


VBA-M 2.18 GBA Zink Native


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Quoting: mrdeathjrDarksiders 1 D9VK


So if I understood correctly by the yt video, removing the Audio track makes the videos play fine?
mrdeathjr Feb 14
Quoting: Avehicle7887
Quoting: mrdeathjrDarksiders 1 D9VK


So if I understood correctly by the yt video, removing the Audio track makes the videos play fine?

yeah cinematic audio track is source of problem in darksiders, stay in wmapro and wine still dont fix

mrdeathjr Feb 19
Testing other titles for future videos, vega 7 oc performance is impressive compared gtx 1050 as said in before, specially when games use more than 2gb of vram

v-rally 4 is very interesting case because gtx 1050 can run with lower textures but still with this setting show missed textures but with vega 7 oc runs smoothly with higher textures and now show textures complete

destroy all humans with gtx 1050 use all vram and sometimes show heavy freezes maybe related to vram but with vega 7 oc runs smoothly with higher textures

system shock remake

one piece world seeker with gtx 1050 use all vram and also have some freezes (vram?) but now with vega 7 oc runs smoothly

anno 1404 runs very well, this game also runs good before

this games are no one lives forever and riddick dark athena, this titles are tested with zink and runs very well (riddick dark athena dont run with intel mesa in my case)

almost forget testing some old titles case lego dx9 games appear some issues with audio but seems related esync
normally i use export WINEESYNC=1 for activate esync but in this titles if use export WINEESYNC=0 all audio issues are gone

personally i think disable esync if games are ports of Xbox 360 / PS3 or lower, esync activated could be usefull for Xbox One / PS4 ports or newer games

another issue is laa (large adress aware)


in some games when appear some crashes without appear winedbg like anno 1404 or if begins without audio like
007 legends* and maybe others

activate laa solve this issues, audio back and unexpected crashes are solved in before cited cases

*007 legends is the first time run (also allow 4:3 moification in exe, this game have 16:9 ratio aka black bars in my 4:3 monitor) in my case until now, also input are fixed some years ago run but mouse dont work

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mrdeathjr Feb 24
Updating mesa drivers this week, in my case give a awful thing

ffmpeg encoding are damaged (record begins normally but reduce frames to 30fps when stay configurated to 60fps and record around 5 minutes, after this back to first frames, very strange error)

curiously when i had intel uhd 630, obs have a huge error gpu usage up around 80% only with open program (no recording)

but now with vega 7 oc works and in same before situation gpu stay around 5%, and recording back to work normally (no frame fps reduction and all frames stay complete)

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mrdeathjr Mar 2
Testing another bunch of titles case damnation, rise of argonauts and dark sector

damnation and rise of argonauts in before when i had geforce gtx 1050 show stutter compiling shaders but now runs much better

also damnation 1st level and final of 1st level in my case sometimes suddenly crash when i had geforce gtx 1050 but now with amd mesa stay stable in all 1st level

another interesting case is dark sector, when i had intel uhd 630 game runs but finish 1st mission in my case game suddenly crash (without or with laa used) and cant continue after this

but now with amd mesa crash after first mission still appear but leave pass (however needs laa, if dont have laa game crash before begin 1st chapter in my case), only need press escape key for pass cinematic

however show another crash around finish 3rd chapter

almost forget in my case today mesa driver update march 02
(oibaf ppa), solve a nasty issue related to mouse cursor

sometimes dont appear cursor but if you have selected something appear selected but dont show cursor

for this reason dont test some strategy games and affect lili child of geos test (need retest game, suddenly around 6 hours of game test go to trash yeah XXXXDDDDD)

back to results, issue is solved and for before i dont think update drivers (only if appear a huge thing)

this driver add VK_EXT_map_memory_placed for radv, this extension added to wine git too


maybe can appear in next wine 9.4

VK_EXT_map_memory_placed in theory can solve various issues related laa (32bit apps), case dark sector, 007 legends, anno 1404, race driver grid and many others

without forget appearently wine 9.4 comes with new menu or this seems according git

Last edited by mrdeathjr on 2 March 2024 at 2:09 pm UTC
mrdeathjr Mar 2
Continuing with testing, i compile lastest wine-git of yesterday march 01 (oibaf amd mesa drivers of today march 02), in this wine as commented before as added VK_EXT_map_memory_placed

And results are very impressive:

anno 1404 fix crash when try loading game without laa

dark sector fix crash in prologue scene if stay alone, maybe comment more later about fix crash when finish 1st chapter (another around 2 hours of gameplay video to trash XXXDDDDD)

007 legends have sound correctly and modded aspect ratio too without laa flag

at simple seek can recommend have lastest amd mesa oibaf drivers aka today drivers march 02 for use VK_EXT_map_memory_placed

resuming if next wine comes with VK_EXT_map_memory_placed like git, progess will be huge because virtual memory issue stay so many years in wine

Last edited by mrdeathjr on 2 March 2024 at 7:05 pm UTC
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