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AI Thermal Paste
Liam Dawe May 23
Companies have officially lost the plot, I give you: AI thermal paste, courtesy of Cooler Master.
wvstolzing May 23
Quoting: Liam DaweCompanies have officially lost the plot, I give you: AI thermal paste, courtesy of Cooler Master.

It's kind of fitting though, considering that bullshitting about thermal paste has been the mark of poser pc-building 'experts' for many years now.
pilk May 23
Engineered by ChatGPT to be as tasty as possible. It even comes in 6 different flavours!

Last edited by pilk on 23 May 2024 at 4:03 pm UTC
wvstolzing May 23
You heard it here first: Case manufacturers will start peddling AI-regulated airflow.

Also: Ambient rgb coloring & sound based on the user's overall mood, as inferred by AI. You start typing an email ... AI conducts sentiment analysis and decides that something sad is going on ... so it dims the light, and starts playing a sad background tune.
whizse May 23
Quoting: Liam DaweAI thermal paste
Shodan lube!
Pengling May 23
Quoting: pilkIt even comes in 6 different flavours!
Am I a saddo for thinking the colours are neat?
LoudTechie May 23
I'll justify this.
What makes thermal paste AI specific:
AI is nowadays nearly embarrassingly parallel, so it keeps all cores occupied.
This allows for software based heath spreading.
If we assume this the only remaining challenge is spreading the heath as fast as possible, because it doesn't have to go far, so we need fast conductors instead of scaling and heath resistant ones.
What do you think of silver?
pilk May 23
Quoting: PenglingAm I a saddo for thinking the colours are neat?
I mean, it's neat, but the thing is you only see it when you first apply it and when you swap the paste, CPU and/or cooler.
bonkmaykr May 28
If the point of this is to be high end thermal paste for AI workloads then they very easily could have marketed it for randomx, PS3 emulation, and protein folding and capitalized easily without getting any funny looks. Or just name it generic high end stuff. High end pc parts manufacturers don't usually put all their eggs into one basket and people understand they serve varying practical purpose.

When you tell people it's "designed for AI" it sounds like blatant sales bait for trend chasers, because it is. Also "AI Thermal paste" just sounds confusing, like the paste is sentient.
The fact that it has different colours for something you'll never see again is funny too
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