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Welcome to the GamingOnLinux free games list! This page is currently in BETA. We are currently tracking 427 free games! Please be aware some links may be an affiliate link (yes even for free games, it helps). Looking for Linux games on sale, or games currently 100% off? Check out the Sales Page! This page is for games that are permanently free.
Games List - Total with current filters: 425
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Welcome To... Chichester 1 : Start Of The End Steam
Tags: Visual Novel
Wendy Whedon Official Site,
Tags: None
What Never Was Steam
Tags: Adventure Casual Exploration
Where The Water Tastes Like Wine: Fireside Chats Steam Proprietary
Tags: Adventure
Who Is Mike - A Visual Novel Steam
Tags: Horror Visual Novel
Widelands Official Site
Tags: Strategy
Wild West Saga: Idle Tycoon Steam
Tags: Clicker
Wild West Saga: Idle Tycoon Clicker Steam
Tags: None
Without Within Official Site, Steam
Tags: Anime Visual Novel
Wizard Bubble Proprietary
Tags: Casual
World of Guns: Gun Disassembly Steam
Tags: Simulation
Wrecked Steam
Tags: Action
Written in the Sky Steam
Tags: Anime Visual Novel
Wyrmsun Steam
Tags: RTS Strategy
Xonotic Official Site GPL
Tags: Action FPS
Yorg Official Site GPL
Tags: Racing
You Doesn't Exist Steam
Tags: RPG
You Have to Win the Game Steam
Tags: Platformer
Zaccaria Pinball Steam
Tags: Arcade
Zak McKracken: Between Time and Space Official Site Proprietary
Tags: Adventure
Zombie Defense Steam Proprietary
Tags: Strategy Tower Defense
Zombie Panic! Source Steam
Tags: FPS Zombies
Астролорды: Облако Оорта Steam
Tags: Strategy
家有大貓 Nekojishi Steam
Tags: Visual Novel
拯救大魔王2 Rescue the Great Demon 2 Steam
Tags: Visual Novel
Are we missing a free game? You can submit it yourself, or send us a tip!