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CoreBreach racing coming to Desura for Linux!

[IMG][/IMG] While I am a little late with this news (real life issues) [url=]CoreBreach[/url] a futuristic racer (think Wipeout) has been updated for cross platform play for Linux and will soon be coming to [url=http://www...

Desura open source info

While trying to keep up with everything going on right now it is good to see that the Desura client open source is still going ahead and an unofficial update has been [url=]posted on the forum[/url] just to give anyone interested in it some further info, quote is posted below; [QUOTE]I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say, but currently the project is open source (GPL'd), but it's only open to a few select developers (myself included) to clean up, fix and get working for a public release...

GameMaker coming to Linux and other game creator info!

[url=]GameMaker[/url] one of the popular game creators for Windows is coming to Linux it seems! Their official news post [url=]is here[/url] for those wanting sources and what not. For those who haven't heard of it, it is one of those applications that I feel Linux terribly needs It allows you to create games without any knowledge of hand coding, it's all using point and click interfaces...

Aleph One 1.0!

Greetings gamers, Aleph One has reached 1.0! The games the Bungie did before their famed Halo series are open to everyone to play on the Aleph One engine, I have yet to try them but they look pretty good, they look like the earlier Doom and Quake games only with slightly better graphics and other general improvements...

Introducing - Towns

A new game has appeared on Desura's Alpha Funding called [url=]Towns[/url]. [youtube]z6wumOmHWOg[/youtube] [QUOTE] [CENTER]Towns brings a fresh new take on the citybuilding/management genre by introducing many RPG features...

Prison Architect revealed!

Introversion the company behind smash hit indie games currently in the [url=]Humble Introversion Bundle[/url] have released some footage teasing their next game called [url=]Prison Architect[/url]! [youtube]ZX_DnZ_uMQg[/youtube] More info can be found on their [url=http://forums...

Humble Introversion Bundle D.O.D bonus

[youtube]yNHzcmWKQYc[/youtube] [url=]The Humble Introversion Bundle[/url] have now just added Dungeons of Dredmor if you beat the average spent, one of the best bundles since the first 2 just got better! [QUOTE] [B]Beat the Average[/B] [url=http://www...

Ultimate Omelette Christmas Edition released!

Ultimate omelette is now available priced at €17.50 25% off. [IMG][/IMG] [QUOTE]First of all, to those of you living in selected parts of the world, Happy Thanksgiving! Secondly, we've just released the Christmas Edition of Chicken Invaders: Ultimate Omelette! You can expect to find all the usual goodies in there (seasonal graphics, music, effects), but also a brand new music track for the 'Lost in Space...

Ignite for Linux is still coming!

You may remember [url=]us reporting[/url] on a very good looking Racing game called [url=]Ignite[/url] coming to Linux...well after unconfirmed reports of the Linux ports demise I have a solid confirmation from the studio themselves that it is in fact still coming!

X-Plane 10

While not my cup-o-tea [url=]X-Plane 10[/url] the realistic flight sim has been release for Linux, Mac and Windows. It sure does look pretty, I mean seriously pretty but to me there is never a point to these types of games apart from well...

Copy of BEEP to give away from Gameolith!

I have a copy of [url=]BEEP[/url] to give away courtesy of a competition I won some time ago thanks to [url=]Gameolith[/url]. So the question to win is...Why do you want a copy? It's that simples! Entries in by 1st December to win!

Scoregasm 70% off

Charlies games for Black friday and Thanks giving weekend has knocked 70% off Scoregasm which amounts to a measly £2. [youtube]UTEYVxLr0os[/youtube] [QUOTE] Scoregasm is an incredible, variety rich shooter with a non-linear, branching paths style galaxy to explore...

Game Sales and lower game prices - get it while it's hot!

Currently there are a few game sales going on I would like to point out to you lovely readers to enjoy. Desura Deals [url=]Dungeons of Dredmor - [B]50%[/B] off on Desura.[/url] [url=]The Polynomial - Space of the Music - [B]50%[/B] off on Desura[/url] - [B]New Release[/B] [url=http://www...

Ensign 1 kickstarter update!

The fine folks over at Only Human Studios are still running their [url=]kickstarter campaign[/url] to get enough funds to give their new game [url=]Ensign 1[/url] (I remembered the 1 this time...

Doom 3 source code released

Well folks that moment has come, ID has released the next set of source code to the GPL, this time for Doom 3! Hopefully we can see some popular open source games have some interesting engine upgrades as a result of this. It would be interesting to see Doom 3 itself get some updates too, who knows what the future holds! [url]https://github...
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