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Anomaly 2 Is Now Available for Preorder and release date given!

Anomaly 2 pre-orders launch on Steam and via the official site. Get 10% off and a free copy for your friend.

Stealth Bastard Deluxe is now available for Linux

Stealth Bastard Deluxe, Curve Studios’ fast-paced stealth-puzzle-platformer, arrives on Linux and Mac today.

Game Dev Tycoon - A business simulation game

[url=]Game Dev Tycoon[/url] by Greenheart Games has been released for GNU/Linux, Mac and Windows.

OpenMW v0.23.0 released, now with particles! (and a lot more)

The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.23.0! This release introduces the initial implementation of NPC movement AI, item repairing, enchanting, levelled items, texture animation, basic particles, and more, along with an extensive list of fixes and improvements.

Worlds of Magic - A new classic 4X fantasy game

The developers of Worlds of Magic emailed me to ask if we could do a shout out for their game. The game itself is meant as a spiritual successor to Master of Magic.

Defense Grid 2 is happening and coming to Linux!

Defense Grid 2 is now happening thanks to a private investor and it will even be coming to Linux in 2014!

Left 4 Dead 2 Linux Beta Coming Next Week!

Next week's scheduled launch of the public Left 4 Dead 2 Beta app (similar to the TF2 Beta) will include a native Linux client!

INSURGENCY team-based realistic FPS coming to Linux

INSURGENCY a team-based realistic FPS has popped up on Steam's Early Access with a promise of Linux support in the future! Hell yeah!

Linux Gaming DRM Free promises: Do they stack up?

Obsidian Entertainment announced earlier that they would distribute their new game on 2 distribution platforms: Steam and Steam is a DRM platform. has no Linux section to get native Linux games from. Is Linux being used to push DRM under the guise of DRM Free?

Spicy Horse Games Reveals Hell Invaders a CCG/RTS hybrid

Spicy Horse Games have unveiled a new game they are working on called Hell Invaders that will come to Linux in a press release.

The Realm (including platform survey) UPDATED

Recently Atomhawk added Linux as a stretch goal for their crowdfunded point and click adventure The Realm. I've been discussing with them the notion of proritising Linux support sooner, and they've put together a survey to gauge interest.

The Castle Doctrine a massively multiplayer burglarly/home defence game

The Castle Doctrine is a massively-multiplayer game about burglary and home defence by Jason Rohrer with perma-death as standard.

Monster Loves you! Is currently being tested for Linux!

Monster Loves You! Recently popped up on the SteamDB so I decided to do my usual checks and get in touch with the developer to see if it is actually coming.

Jagged Alliance: Flashback a new turn based strategy with Linux support!

Holy cow! Jagged Alliance: Flashback has just been put up on Kickstarter with Linux support right in!

Strike Suit Zero space combat game delayed for Linux

Well folks sad news today, I got in touch with the developers of Strike Suit Zero the space combat game via twitter and the game has been delayed for Linux!
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