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Desura client may be open sourced

[url=]lodle[/url] writing on the Desura forum has asked for opinions and help in making the Desura client partially [url=]open sourced[/url] (I say partially as it will use some sort of dual licensing as they are a commercial company)...

Indie Royale Bundle

While not great news for Linux gamers a new [url=]Indie Royale Bundle[/url] is out and this time it has 1 game that has a native Linux port and even offers up a Desura key! [youtube]5mGZJhR0kbI[/youtube] So currently at time of writing you can get Scoregasm for dirt cheap (or expensive if you want to donate more) and redeem it on Desura or download it directly...

The Humble Voxatron Debut adds more games!

[url=]The Humble Voxatron Debut[/url] has added some more games with not much time to spare, with only 4 days left you need to pay more than $5.20 to unlock all the games! [B]Added Games[/B] [I]Gish[/I] [youtube]5WzGQQOIcp8[/youtube] [I][I]Jasper's Journeys[/I][/I] [I][I][youtube]f1cI6tL8Uww[/youtube][/I][/I] [I][I]Zen Puzzle Garden[/I][/I] [youtube]Yl1mZB7jsb0[/youtube] [I][I]Chocolate Castle[/I][/I] [I][I][youtube]mCckVUulaoA[/youtube] [/I][/I]

Minecraft 1.9 + Minecon

Well it seems like the fanfare around Minecraft has died down a bit so let's get the hype machine rolling! Minecraft 1.9 is to be release along with the Minecraft Convention (Minecon). Since they aren't releasing an actual normally playable release until then the best way to keep up with new features is here [URL]http://www...

We have a G+ page!

Well folks now that G+ has "Pages" we also now have one up on there! Come visit us at [url][/url]

New Game: Project Black Sun

While doing my usual scouring the net on various gaming websites, games stores and whatever else Linux related i can find, I stumbled across this game [url=]Project Black Sun[/url] (there is no direct link to their game page - the link is on the right)...


[QUOTE][url=]TANK@WAR[/url] is a solo and team-based multiplayer 3D online game dedicated to armored warfare set in the modern age. Throw yourself into epic tank battles shoulder to shoulder with other tank commanders to dominate the world with tank supremacy![/QUOTE] Trailer below: [youtube]tv1IEsWJDnA[/youtube] The customization looks pretty cool and they have an update coming out soon for 1...

Digitanks released + source code released under the BSD license

[QUOTE]Digitanks is a turn-based artillery game. Set up your base, build a fleet of tanks, and attack your enemies without mercy. [/QUOTE] [url=]Digitanks[/url] has not only released a [url=]Linux version via Desura[/url] but they have also [url=http://And lastly, in celebration of the Linux release, Digitanks is now open-source! If you can do "The C++" then hop on over to GitHub where the Digitanks source code happily lives...

Blue Libra and Thunder Fleets released for Linux

Martin Lotecki sent word that Blue Libra and Thunder Fleets have been released for Linux on Desura! [youtube]4t-nJJ9ZZA4[/youtube] Link to Blue Libra on Desura: [URL][/URL] [youtube]Lzz1Y5JDBkU[/youtube] Link to Thunder Fleets on Desura: [URL]http://www...

Donation Drive!

Howdy folks, some news for you! A couple of projects are looking for help in the way of Donations. [COLOR=#888888]Ensign[/COLOR] First up is Ensign a cool idea for a new space fighter game from Only Human Studios. [youtube]M10pqpFcff8[/youtube] [QUOTE]Gameplay like that is what we're trying to capture in Ensign 1...

2 new games added to the latest Humble

[youtube]C7_R2WfqdrI[/youtube] [youtube]Ekx80MnQug4[/youtube] Well the latest bundle can now official be called a bundle 2 new games have been added making this bundle look a hell of a lot more appetising. Blocks that Matter Binding of Isaac About: [QUOTE][B]Dive into a twisted basement dungeon in The Binding of Isaac...

The Humble Voxatron Bundle

[youtube]cyQaS76k59g[/youtube] Theres a new bundle folks, this one is for a single game again, but one I have been following for a while so I'm quite excited about it. [QUOTE][B]Pay what you want[/B]. Voxatron will cost [B]$15[/B], but we're letting you set the price! Voxatron works great on [B]Mac, Windows, and Linux[/B]...

Wakfu Release date

[youtube]TtzUphc_7Gs[/youtube] [QUOTE]It’s official, the WAKFU MMORPG will be released in February 2012! For all of you out there who have not seen it yet, check out the brand new trailer! [/QUOTE] Wakfu is a free to download mmorpg that will have a premium subscription based content in developement by Square Enix and Ankama games they have announced that this Pc, Mac, Linux based title should be available from February of 2012...

Amnesia 75% off Halloween sale

[QUOTE][COLOR=red][B]75% Happy Halloween Discount![/B][/COLOR] Stores selling Amnesia will offer discounts during the Halloween weekend. Some as much as 80% off, a rumor has it you'll even be able to get a three day rent for free![/QUOTE] So that brings the price down to £3...

Minecraft 1.9, Monster RPG on Gameolith and more!

Well folks a few items to cover and as to not spam our site with lots of posts (and twitter) I thought i would start doing bigger news items... [COLOR=#888888]Minecraft[/COLOR] First up is Minecraft 1.9 which is now confirmed as to be the official "1...
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