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We have 3 copies of Postal 2 to give to you!

That's right folks time for another competition and it won't be the last either! This time Postal 2 Steam keys can be yours!

Half-Life 2, EP1, EP2 and Lost Coast hit Linux!

You heard right, Half-Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2 and Lost Coast are now available on Linux in Beta form!

Scoregasm, the variety rich shooter, coming to Steam on Linux

Charlie's Games developer has confirmed via Twitter that "Scoregasm" is going to be on Steam for Linux. [img][/img]

This Game! - a moddable, not-massive-at-all online RPG

Imagine a 3D MMO that you could play with friends, host your own server, set your own rules, make maps using simple tools, edit items and game rules using but a text editor. Now stop imagining and help make it real! [img=350x220][/img]

The Funding Crowd, a weekly review of Linux crowdfunded games

This is [b][i]The Funding Crowd[/i][/b], a (hopefully) weekly column about the Linux games crowdfunding scene, with a particular focus on those small worthy projects that might have gone under the radar.

Garry's Mod will hit Linux Very soon

Speaking on the reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) Garry Newman of Garry's Mod details when it will be available on Linux!

Desura adds another 4 games for Linux!

So even with all the Steam news it seems Desura is still going strong! Great to see! They have added another 4 releases recently (5 counting Salvation Prophecy we already covered).

Humble Double Fine Bundle launches, we were right!

Recently we did a small editorial on there possibly being a Humble Double Fine Bundle, today it came true!

HARDWARE: Shipbreakers not on Linux in the near future

Recently I have received some bad news. HARDWARE: Shipbreakers won't have Linux support in the near future if at all. For more info look below the fold.

Son of Nor with Linux support from the start

[url=]Son of Nor[/url], [i]"A singleplayer and co-op action adventure game set in a dynamic desert world, which can be shaped by the player's magic"[/i], kickstarter is up and running and has Linux support from the start.

OpenXcom new website and new release!

OpenXcom one of my favourite Open Source projects has a brand spanking new website and new release where it allows you to play the whole game!

Salvation Prophecy space epic is now out for Linux!

As we reported in the last few days about it coming out, it has now happened! Salvation Prophecy is now available on Linux from Desura!

Epic's HTML5 Citadel demo runs on all platforms

Epic Games have released a new webGL demo that’s running great under Firefox on Linux. Would be interest to see Epic release a full browser game like this in the future.

Planetary Annhilation RTS live stream showing combat!

Planetary Annihilation is really starting to look awesome, the RTS that was Kickstarter funded has been doing regular live streams for people to ask questions, see gameplay and all that jazz, their latest one shows off combat!

Stonehearth kickstarter closing in on Linux Stretchgoal

The [url=]Stonehearth Kickstarter[/url] is really close to reaching its Linux and Mac stretchgoal of $200,000.
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