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Helena the 3rd pay what you want

In celebration of hitting their Kickstarter goal for [url=]Ensign 1[/url], Only Human Studios have set their first game [url=]Helena the 3rd[/url] as pay what you want for a limited time until January 15th! You can also buy from [url=http://www...

Happy new year, a review of 2011

Well folks another year of our lives down and another to look forward too. 2011 has been a pretty exciting year for Linux gamers all in all with multiple different types of bundles coming from [url=]Humble[/url] who have been porting games left right and centre to Linux and Mac for their bundles, while some may not agree with the pay what you want model they have been giving us some good games...

FLARE v0.15 and v0.15.1

[url=]FLARE[/url] the open source RPG engine & game has released a new version and a video to show it off.

Dirk Dashing 2: E.V.I.L Eye v0.7

Better late than never (Sorry!), MyGameCompany has released the next preview of the upcomming platformer mainly for the younger audience named Dirk Dashing 2! [I]The announcement is below;[/I] I'm pleased to announce the release of v0.7 of Dirk Dashing 2: E...

3079 blocky action RPG

Introducing [url=]3079 the Blocky Action RPG[/url], that looks a lot like Minecraft only odder. Trailer; [youtube]_Y1lLcLBu1Y[/youtube] [QUOTE] Think of 3079 as an independent, original and unique combination of [url=http://www...

OpenXcom next version teaser - open source xcom

One of my favourite open source projects [I]of all time[/I] as X-Com is deeply routed in my gaming past, OpenXcom is an open source engine built from the ground up for you to be able to play old skool turn based strategy X-Com on modern computers. They describe it as; [QUOTE] [url=http://en...

Ensign 1 kickstarter goal reached!

[url=]Ensign 1[/url] the awesome in development space shooter I have covered a few times has reached it's goal of hitting [B]$1000[/B] on [url=]Kickstarter[/url], infact it's actually [B]smashed[/B] it hitting currently [B]$1273[/B] with [B]68[/B] hours to go! Be sure to donate to give it the best chance possible to give us an interesting game to play! Development trailer; [youtube]oop916tjfmY[/youtube] It really is looking good, the only thing that currently bugs me is no mouse look and fire which Brandon said via GTalk that he does plan to implement it...

0 A.D. Alpha 8!

Please give a warm welcome to [url=]0 A.D. Alpha 8[/url]! Top new features (but much more included); [QUOTE] [LIST] [*][B]Bartering system:[/B] Buy and sell resources in exchange for other resources. Resources are traded at exchange rates that vary with each deal...

Getting back to normal

So now that the main holidays are over, how did everyone enjoy their time off for the holidays? Much gaming done? Back to the news shortly!

Charlies Games Christmas Sale

Charlies Games has put his recently announced that his newly released game Scoregasm is on Christmas sale. It is a minimum payment of $1 to cover costs pay what you want deal. Scoregasm normally costs $10 so thats a maximum saving of 90% off. Sounds good now wheres my bank card? [youtube]UTEYVxLr0os[/youtube] [B]Link[/B] [url]http://www...

See you after the weekend!

Well folks I am off for the weekend to the parters family so for anyone who celebrates it Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays. Normal news will continue then!

Ensign 1 last push on Kickstarter

One of the most promising and interesting space shooters to come from an indie developer [S]all year[/S] ever [url=]Ensign 1[/url] is nearing the last few days on it's [url=]Kickstarter campaign[/url]...

Humble Bundle stats

The awesome Josh aka Cheese has with the blessing of Humble [url=]written a full write up[/url] of past and present [url=]Humble Bundles[/url] to show a true breakdown of the payments from each platformers users...

Gameolith adds new titles!

Okay folks [url=]Gameolith[/url] the web based Linux game store has now added two more titles to it's lineup! Both of these games have only been release around the last week as well for Linux so it's good to see Gameolith getting some actual new games in too :D [url=http://www...

Kot-In-Action modding Portal - Steel Storm and Darkplaces

Alex the awesome developer behind the [url=]Steel Storm[/url] series sent me word on a new portal website he has put up to help modders.
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