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Steel Storm 2 new dev video

We have a blizzard sweeping through: [youtube]STxRLz3jLP4[/youtube] EDIT: Ran timeDemo on Windows and Linux on this scene. Amazingly, Windows beats Linux this time :confused: 86.6 fps on Windows vs 41.7 fps on Linux. I must mention that I installed update for video drivers via some repo vs using native to Ubuntu Jockey...

Faster Than Light coming September 14th!

After their successful kickstarter and Alpha/Beta releases Subset Games have announced [url=]FTLGame[/url] is go for release on September the 14th. I have confirmation from them the Linux build will be out then as well via the Humble Store...

Baldurs Gate revamp may get Linux version

Baldurs Gate is getting revamped in the name of Baldurs Gate: Enchanced Edition and it may even be getting a Linux version, pretty big news considering this one one of those games that left behind quite a big legacy. "We are in talks around creating a Linux version of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Editon" Source: [url]https://twitter...

The Linux Game Publishing cogs are moving

Linux Game Publishing has [url=]pushed their first titled to the Ubuntu Software Centre[/url], the first title is Sacred Gold (one I personally own and it's not bad at all!)...

Community Driven Monster Catching Strategy RPG

We just Kickstarted a new [url=]Moai[/url] powered game, [url=]Deozoa: Legends of Eden[/url] (Moai is an open source game engine that we are very proud to support). Linux support was an, admittedly biased, priority for us...

Desert Stormfront

Noble Masters Games have announced via Twitter that the follow up to RTS game Tropical Stormfront, Desert Stormfront will be available next month. Desert Stormfront will be available on PC, Mac, [B]Linux[/B] & Android platforms and there is a trailer to take a sneaky peek below...

Planetary Annihilation RTS on Kickstarter

[url=]Planetary Annihilation[/url], a multi-planet RTS by Uber Entertainment, which has a team including people who worked on Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander s about to pass its Kickstarter goal...

Example Unity 4 Titles Ready For Testing

I came across a Unity forum thread earlier today, in which a couple of tech demos/test games have been posted for Linux testing.

"The Unvanquished" team's interview

Alex V.Sharp,
Following the uncharted paths of open source gaming deeper into the unknown, this week GOL brings you an interview with a whole lot of people involved with the development of the upcoming game 'Unvanquished'. It is considered the "spiritual successor" to the well-known, sadly dying, team-oriented FPS '[url=http://en...

Steel Storm 2 development update

Got small update on Steel Storm 2 (short screencast): [youtube]ribJFTcmdPM[/youtube]

FLAT - An Ice Skating FPS

Back in June, I participated in the 7 Day FPS Challenge ([url=]7DFPS[/url]), and developed, along with two other talented people, a first person ice skating combat game called [url=]FLAT[/url] in under a week...

Steam beta will be out "fairly quickly"

GabeN of Valve has stated to GameTrailers that Steam will have BETA's out fairly soon. Video -> [url][/url] It's around the 3:30 mark. He also mentions that they won't be doing a Steam Console but they are hoping hardware vendors might!

Minimon Online a monster capture game!

[url=]Minimon Online[/url] is a monster capture game recently released for Linux, Mac and Windows (previously only on Android and ios). Fans of Pokemon style games will probably like this game a lot...

Cheese Talks: More Humble Bundle Stuff!

Hi all When the Humble Music Bundle launched, I was pretty excited by the notion of a non game-oriented bundle and the potential extra perspective it might give on contributor behaviour for other bundles. [url=

Trine 2: Goblin Menace Expansion Announced

[font=Georgia][color=#141414]Although word of an expansion (not DLC) being developed has been around for months, Frozenbyte has now officially announced work on Trine 2: Goblin Menace![/color][/font]
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