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0 A.D. Alpha 4 Released!

Okay folks I told you it was coming soon and now it has been officially released! Welcome to [url=]0 A.D. Alpha 4[/url]!! What's changed? [QUOTE] [B][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]New programming features in this release:[/COLOR][/FONT][/B] [LIST] [*]Added initial prototype version of opponent AI: It can train female citizens, collect resources, build houses, farms & barracks, train soldiers & send them to the enemy civ center...

Achron v0.8.1.0

Hazardous have released their Beta of Achron v0.8.1.0. I personally have much anticipation for the final release of this time traveling RTS game. [QUOTE] This release includes numerous bug fixes, unit behavior and balance improvements, game replay improvements, and minor visual indicator improvements...

Apalia HD Beta 3.9 Video

Omniarts have released a video depicting their upcoming Apalia HD at Beta 3.9 stage. [youtube]uF9OO0VIqps[/youtube] [U][B]Website:-[/B][/U] [URL][/URL]

Widelands Build16 approaching!

[url=]Widelands[/url] the popular Settlers clone is coming up on a RC1 release of the 16th build of the game! For any fan of the slow RTS game series Settlers you will fit right at home with this one! Changelog: [URL]http://wl.widelands...

Ungine Oilrush Sales Statistics

Ungine have just released their sales so far statistics and it makes happy reading for the Linux user. At the time of writing there has been 808 sales of which 727 have been on the Linux platform, thats 90% of all sales. The Stats also show sales by region and how much they have made so far, granted it is still small numbers but I'm sure they will sell a lot more as this is a quality title...

Super Meat Boy Linux Confirmation

Team Meat have confirmed via Twitter that they plan to have their platform game Super Meat Boy running natively on Linux. Super meat boy is an interesting take on platformers. You play as an animated cube of meat trying to save his girlfriend. [QUOTE] [IMG]http://a1...

0 A.D. Alpha 4 is about to land!

Okay boys and girls [url=]0 A.D.[/url] Alpha 4 is almost upon us, the trac/roadmap of features and fixes for Alpha 4 has now reached 100%, they are still tying things up (like making things say Alpha 4 in-game) but it could be a matter of hours! They are also so so so close to reaching their goal of raising $3000 to sponsor a developer for a whole months work - imagine what can be done in that time!! They only need another $113 so that's like 12 people donating just under $10 so get to it [url=http://pledgie...

Oilrush Pre Order has begun!

You are now able to pre-order Oilrush priced at $19.95 from [url=]>HERE< [/url] [QUOTE] Hurray, the game is finally [url=]available for pre-ordering online![/url] All aboard! [B]Price:[/B] Pre-order price is $19...

Join us on minecraft!

We now own a Minecraft server! Join us here: Still getting myself up to speed on it - only got it today, it's an 8 player server which should do us fine for a while.

Jaspers Journeys

Lexaloffle has released a free full version of Jaspers Journeys available to download for Linux as a test for linux versions of his games. [QUOTE]To test the linux versions of my games, I made a build of Jasper's Journeys with bundled SDL libraries. If it works then the others should too...

Open FreeSpace 2 â

This is my humble attempt at creating a Open FreeSpace 2 how-to for Linux. I did not use the Automated Installer (explained in the video) but this should let you give the game a go. [youtube]WI_pJVllQ9w[/youtube] Source: [url][/url]

Join us on Facebook!

We now have a facebook group for those of you that are interesting in that sort of thing! [URL][/URL]

Minecraft BETA 1.3

Notch has today released the 1.3 BETA of Minecraft. [U][B]List of changes:-[/B][/U] [QUOTE]* Implemented a new lighting engine with the help of MrMessiahs (can be turned off) * Changed the options around, added a new “Graphics options” button * Added beds...

Wind and Water : Puzzle Battles

Wind and Water a award winning free Gp2x game now has a Linux exe file that when combined with the Windows build of the game, it will run natively on our favorite OS. [U][B]About:-[/B][/U] W&W is a Jewel matching game that has a single player campaign story mode, Graphics are very nice drawn in an old 16bit anime style...

Inside a Star-filled Sky

Announcing [url=]Inside a Star-filled Sky[/url] an infinite, recursive, tactical shooter for one player by Jason Rohrer [url=][IMG]
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