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Meltdown Tactical Arcade Shooter Confirmed For Linux By The Publisher

Meltdown is a tactical arcade shooter featuring both singleplayer and intense online multiplayer. Become the most skilled soldier, choose your weapons, get the best upgrades, buckle up and start your mission. Be careful, each enemy has its own combat style, special AI and gear. Adapt to them to survive! Thankfully the publisher has confirmed a Linux version will come.

TinyKeep Dungeon Escaping Action RPG Coming Soon To Linux

TinyKeep is an upcoming action RPG with a heavy focus on smart monster AI. We all hate dumb AI in games right? I hope their AI is as smart as they make it out to be!

7 Days To Die Zombie Survival Game Hitting Delays, Linux Still Being Worked On

This is a sore spot for any Linux gamer who backed 7 Days To Die on Kickstarter, months on end after the Kickstarter has finished, and still no Linux version in sight.

GIGANTIC ARMY Released On Steam For Linux

You like crazy side-scrolling shooters right? GIGANTIC ARMY offers plenty of explosions and over the top action.

Serious Sam 4 Action Packed FPS Coming Q4 This Year For Linux

Get ready Serious fans as Sam is back in Q4 of this year in Serious Sam 4, so we will see another great looking action-packed FPS game with some comedy thrown in.

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice! Powerpuff Girls Game Heads To Linux

I know what you're thinking "I can't tell anyone I actually liked Powerpuff Girls!", never fear we are here. A new game is heading to our platform in the form of 'The Powerpuff Girls Defenders of Townsville'.

CoinRPG! A Bitcoin RPG, Beta Release!

Jonathan Malave,
Kuroato Media releases CoinRPG Beta! Available for PC, Mac, Linux, and Browser Platforms. CoinRPG is a Bitcoin inspired Multiplayer Online Action RPG Game! Explore an open world, discover hidden treasures and hunt monsters for loot.

Nova-111 A Sci-Fi Themed Turn Based Adventure With Alien Fighting

Nova-111 is a funny looking little indie game where you control a cute little science vessel looking for lost scientists.

Halfway, A Futuristic Turn Based Strategy Game Development Update

Well, Halfway sadly isn't with us yet, but the developers have written a new blog post telling us what is happening with some screen-shots and a video.

Crawl Has The Best Trailer You Will See Today

Crawl is the competitive multiplayer dungeon crawler where your friends control the monsters! Sounds good, but will Crawl deliver?

Drifter Open-World Sandbox Space Trader Now On Steam Early Acces

Drifter is an open-world sandbox space trading game with a procedurally-generated galaxy 100,000 light years across made up of tens of thousands of star systems to explore and features an original soundtrack by composer Danny Baranowsky.

Shelter & Pid From Might and Delight Are Being Ported To Linux

Two games from Might and Delight are confirmed by the developer to be heading to Linux, we have the scoop for you!

Starbound Has A Huge Content Update

Starbound the awesome 2d universe sandbox game has a big content update, and we have the nitty gritty details for you.

Unvanquished FPS/RTS Hybrid Releases Alpha 25, Out With The Old

Unvanquished has released like clockwork their 25th alpha release, this time ripping out their old renderer completely.

Toy Soldiers: Complete May Come To Linux If The Interest Is There

Toy Soldiers: Complete is in early access on Steam and it looks seriously fun, the developers have now stated if there is enough interest we could see a Linux version.
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