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Category: Adventure
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The peaceful building RPG 'Littlewood' is now officially releasing in June and it looks lovely

June seems to be a popular month lately, with Sean Young announcing his peaceful building RPG Littlewood is going to release on June 18th.

Freaky co-op submarine sim 'Barotrauma' is entering Early Access next month

Another title becoming available next month (it's going to be busy) is Barotrauma, a co-op submarine sim that has a very good atmosphere.

Hyperspace Delivery Service is leaving Early Access next month, has Linux support

Hyperspace Delivery Service, a retro-styled adventure from Zotnip is getting ready to leave Early Access.

Outer Wilds becomes another Epic Store exclusive for a limited time

After a successful crowdfunding campaign on Fig that included a Linux version, we're in for an extra wait as Outer Wilds is now going to be releasing on the Epic Store first.

Get ready to dig deep in UnderMine, releasing with Linux support this Summer

Releasing this Summer in Early Access, UnderMine looks like a seriously good action-adventure roguelike that will have you dig deeper and deeper for gold and powerful relics.

The Unholy Society, an adventure game where the united forces of demons and monsters take over the world

With a theme inspired by 80s and 90s action movies, as well as comic book series like Preacher and Constantine, The Unholy Society looks like an adventure not to be missed.

The Swords of Ditto has been overhauled with the huge free Mormo's Curse expansion

Truthfully, I didn't get very far with The Swords of Ditto as it had game-breaking bugs on Linux when released. They were later fixed and now a massive overhaul to the game is out.

Forager has been a bit of a hit, selling 150K copies on PC and they've released an exciting roadmap

Forager, the game that has you grind your way through buying lots of tiny islands that's insanely addictive seems to have done really well.

Comedy point & click adventure Guard Duty is out with Linux support and it's good fun

Guard Duty from Sick Chicken Studios and Digital Tribe is a comedy adventure game, with very retro-inspired visuals. It's out today, with official Linux support.

Boldly going where no block has gone before in Space Impossible

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot. These are the voyages of the starship Venture in Space Impossible, an open-world sandbox space adventure where every block matters.

Starbound 1.4 'Bounty Hunter' update coming soon, now available for testing

Chucklefish haven't given up updating Starbound just yet, with a major update due soon that adds some fun sounding features.

Murder mystery adventure 'Lord Winklebottom Investigates' heads to Kickstarter again, gets funding this time

Lord Winklebottom Investigates from UK-based developer Cave Monsters made up of just Charlotte Sutherland sadly failed the first Kickstarter attempt, however it was re-launched and it's now funded.

Backbone: Prologue, a taster of the full noir-inspired detective adventure to come to Linux later

Developer EggNut has released a Prologue for their noir-inspired detective adventure, one that was funded on Kickstarter that planned Linux support.

After a very long wait, the unique puzzling adventure 'OneShot' is now officially available for Linux

Originally planned for release way back in 2016, the Linux version of OneShot was delayed for a long time but the wait is finally over.

LUNA The Shadow Dust looks like an adventure game not to be missed

LUNA The Shadow Dust from Lantern Studio and Application Systems Heidelberg has a new trailer and it really has me wanting to see more as it looks beautiful.
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