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Catalyst 15.9 Tested on R7 370 4G

By Samsai,
AMD have released a new driver for their GPUs and because I happen to own one I decided to do a test run with it by running my standard set of benchmarks to see what improvements, if any, there are.

GTX 760 Vs R7 370 4G In Company Of Heroes 2

By Samsai,
TheBoss has done his initial port reports and such so it's my turn to feed you some information. I'm once again putting my GTX 760 against the R7 370 to see what kind of performance we can expect from Company of Heroes 2.

Company Of Heroes 2 Released For Linux, Port Report & Thoughts Included

By Liam Dawe,
Feral Interactive have ported yet another excellent game, and this time we are graced with Company Of Heroes 2!

GTX 760 Vs R7 370 4GB In Dirt Showdown

By Samsai,
People were interested in seeing some AMD benchmarks for the just released Dirt Showdown and I'm happy to oblige. Here are some comparative results for both of my main GPUs.

Introducing the Latest Addition To GOL Cast Hardware: Radeon R7 370 [Updated]

By Samsai,
Recently I've considered purchasing an AMD GPU for testing purposes and because of the recent benchmarking article I finally decided to abuse my wallet and get myself one. So, here it is along with some of my first impressions!

Shadow of Mordor Nvidia Benchmarks On Linux

By Liam Dawe,
We decided it was time to plug Shadow of Mordor again, only this time myself and Samsai have conducted some benchmarks across four different Nvidia GPU’s.
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