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Category: Crowdfunding
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An update on the Linux version of Twilight Struggle, four years after the Kickstarter

Way back in July of 2014, GMT Games partnered with Playdek and ran a successful Kickstarter for Twilight Struggle, a digital version of the board game that shares the same name. It promised Linux support, which still hasn't been delivered.

Build and manage a colony in Kubifaktorium, developed primarily on Linux and funding on Kickstarter

Kubifaktorium from developer Mirko Seithe (previously made BossConstructor) is a colony building and management sim that mixes in automation and transports systems like Factorio.

The Procession to Calvary is a point and click adventure made from Renaissance-era paintings

This looks all kinds of nuts. A point and click adventure game planned to release for Linux that's made from Renaissance-era paintings and public domain recordings of classical music.

One Zero Three, an adventure game set inside the mind is currently on Kickstarter

One Zero Three from Dystopia Interactive looks like a rather interesting short adventure puzzle game set inside the mind, currently seeking funds on Kickstarter.

Knights of Light, a historical action RPG set in the Middle East will support Linux, currently on Kickstarter

Egyptian studio Rumbling Games Studio are seeking funds for Knights of Light, a new open-world action RPG with a narrative historical story.

Byte Driver combines a retro driving game and a shooter that will test your reflexes

Byte Driver from developer Vector Hat looks like an incredibly retro experience, currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter with a Linux demo available.

No Longer Home is a strange magical realist point and click game coming to Linux

Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, No Longer Home is a strange magical realist point and click game that's coming to Linux.

The Linux version of 'Outer Wilds' is still 'to be determined' despite being a platform on the Fig campaign

For those interested in exploring the universe, Outer Wilds seemed like an extremely exciting game that was planning Linux support.

King under the Mountain, a fantasy settlement-building strategy game is on Kickstarter, Linux demo available

King under the Mountain is a new fantasy settlement-building strategy game that's now crowdfunding and it even has a Linux demo available. It sounds pretty good too!

Trains & Things, a real time multiplayer focused economic strategy game built with Godot is on Kickstarter

Trains & Things is a real time multiplayer focused economic strategy game that's currently on Kickstarter.

Stonehearth for Linux is cancelled five years after a successful Kickstarter

How do you like your eggs in the morning? We love it when we pay extra and then they're thrown at us.

Achaem is a promising rogue-lite RPG with an infinite and destructible world

Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, Achaem is a rather promising rogue-lite RPG with an infinite and destructible world and it has a Linux demo.

Dystopian life sim 'Orphan Age' should be on Linux, currently on Kickstarter

The developers of dystopian life sim 'Orphan Age' have said that they're confident they will put out a Linux version during Early Access.

XENONAUTS 2 hit Kickstarter and it's already funded, hopefully coming to Linux

I've been having an internal debate with myself about covering this one, since I'm a huge fan of XCOM-like games but the developer of XENONAUTS 2 isn't yet fully committing to a Linux version.

Top-down sci-fi adventure 'Xenosis: Alien Infection' has been fully funded

As a huge fan of Xenosis: Alien Infection, the top-down survival adventure game from NerdRage Studios, I'm really happy to see it get funded.
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