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Category: DLC
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ARK: Survival Evolved gains a paid DLC while still being in Early Access, reviews are destroying it

DLC is always a bit of a hot topic for some, now even more so since ARK: Survival Evolved a game that has sold very well now has it's own paid DLC even though the game isn't finished.

Infinium Strike, the rather cool tower defence game in space is to gain a DLC

Infinium Strike is one Tower Defence game that actually impressed me somewhat. It was like being in command of the Battlestar Galactica, and it seems it has sold well enough to warrant a DLC.

The developers of Armello are facing a bit of a backlash over the DLC not coming to GOG

I really do like the game Armello, but sadly the new DLC is not coming to GOG. The reasons are quite odd.

Cities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: Art Deco DLC is now available

Cities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: Art Deco is the new collaboration between Paradox and modder Matt "Shroomblaze" Crux that adds a bunch of new building variations.

Armello, the really fun strategy game has a new DLC with more characters

I have been really impressed with Armello, as it blends board-game like mechanics with really fun gameplay. It has a new DLC out which brings in a bunch of new characters.

Sunless Sea expansion Zubmariner releases on October 11th with Linux support

Sunless Sea is about to get bigger, as Zubmariner has been confirmed for release on October 11th with Linux support.

Stellaris 1.3 patch 'Heinlein' will overhaul Fallen Empires in an awesome way, also new DLC info

Stellaris 1.3 code-named 'Heinlein' is shaping up to be a pretty big update, and they are re-working Fallen Empires to be far more interesting.

Crusader Kings II: The Reaper’s Due now available, brings more death and pestilence

Paradox Development Studio’s successful medieval grand strategy game, Crusader Kings II, has seen the release of its latest DLC. A cart-full-of-dead amount of new events and mechanics relating to sickness and health have been added on. It arrives with a considerable patch for all owners of the base game as well.

Paradox have teamed up with a modder to create the Cities: Skylines Art Deco DLC coming soon

Cities: Skylines Art Deco DLC is a collaboration between Paradox and modder Matt “Shroomblaze” Crux.

Cities: Skylines - Natural Disasters expansion announced, mother nature is pissed

Cities: Skylines - Natural Disasters is another expansion for the hit city builder, prepare for mother nature to come calling.

Stellaris: Plantoid Species Pack DLC released, now you can play as spacefaring plants

The first DLC for the space grand strategy title lets players put down roots, introducing the plant phenotype to the mix of playable species.

Layers of Fear: Inheritance DLC released, get ready for another change of pants

Needs more fear in your life? Layers of Fear: Inheritance DLC has released today which promises more scary business.

Shen’s Last Gift DLC for XCOM 2 released for Linux

After some delay, the latest DLC and patch for XCOM 2 is now out for Linux. Shen’s Last Gift adds mech units to the mix, to better fight the insidious alien threat.

Stellaris looks like it's getting the first post-release DLC with the Plantoids Species Pack

Stellaris is about to get bigger with a teaser of a DLC named the Plantoids Species Pack and they have a trailer.

Get ready to be scared again as Layers of Fear: Inheritance DLC has been announced

I was rather impressed with Layers of Fear as a horror game, the presentation was really fantastic and this new DLC seems interesting.
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