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Planetary Annihilation: TITANS, A Standalone Expansion For Planetary Annihilation

Well now, I didn't see this coming! Planetary Annihilation: TITANS was released today on Steam, and what a whopper of a standalone expansion it is.

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth Expansion Rising Tide New Trailer, Still A Day-1 Linux Release

Good news folks, the expansion Rising Tide for Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth is still planned to be a Day-1 Linux release, and it has a new trailer.

Dying Light: The Following Announced, A Story-focused DLC To Come

I'm pretty excited about Dying Light: The Following, as the basic gameplay in Dying Light was really fun, and I need more.

Motörhead Through The Ages, An Expansion For The RPG Victor Vran Announced

Victor Vran is about to get bigger, as a new expansion is coming named "Motörhead Through The Ages". I've never listened to Motörhead before, but an expansion to Victor Vran is awesome news anyway.

Expansion To First-Person Puzzler 'The Talos Principle', 'Road To Gehenna', Has Been Released

The long-awaited expansion to last year's first-person puzzle favorite has been released on Steam, and comes with a massive price cut on the base game for new customers.

Massive Update And Free Expansion Released For Gravity Puzzle Platformer 'Blackhole'

The update is meant to fix more than 160 bugs and address controller issues, and also includes new missions and hardcore levels for an estimated 5 hours worth of additional content.

Crusader Kings II: Horse Lords Expansion Released

The latest expansion to the popular Crusader Kings II is now available. It adds depth to the nomads of the East and and expands the importance of the steppes, so it will appeal to any wannabe Khans.

Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide Official Gameplay From E3

Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide will be coming to Linux, and we now have some more gameplay to see if it's worth picking up.

Dying Light: The Bozak Horde DLC Releases On May 26th

Dying Light is to gain its first big DLC with The Bozak Horde, it looks like a wave-based survival challenge, so it's not the most exciting of DLC, but still it would be fun with friends.

Civilization: Beyond Earth's First Expansion 'Rising Tide' Will Have A Day-1 Linux Release

Good news everyone! Civilization: Beyond Earth has announced an expansion called 'Rising Tide', and it will launch on Linux alongside Windows.

A Look At Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Scandinavia Expansion

Segata Sanshiro,
The folks at SCS Software released a big patch for Euro Truck Simulator 2, along with a Scandinavia DLC, so I decided it was a good time to revisit the game and give some commentary on it and the expansion.

Goat Simulator Taking Aim At Survival Games With The New DLC ‘GoatZ’

Goat Simulator really is a funny game, and the developers poking fun at their own customers is just as funny. Their latest poke at other developers is in their new DLC named ‘GoatZ’.

Claptastic Voyage And Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 Released For Borderlands TPS

The latest DLC has been released for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and thanks to Aspyr Media it includes Linux support right away.

This War of Mine - War Child Charity DLC

This War of Mine is a cracking survival game in one of the bleakest settings I've ever played, and now the developers have released a DLC aimed at helping out the War Child charity.

Free DLC For Europa Universalis IV : Women In History

Paradox, a very Linux friendly developer and publisher, just released a new patch for their grand-strategy game Europa Universalis IV, and alongside it a free DLC to celebrate women's day : Women in History.
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