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Category: Early Access
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The latest Volcanoids update sounds amazing, lets you directly pilot your drillship

Volcanoids, the steampunk survival game where your base of operations is a massive moving drill just had a massive update and it sounds like they're taking it in a fun direction.

Hard sci-fi space game 'Rings of Saturn' is now doing an Early Access crowdfunding mix on itch

Rings of Saturn, a hard sci-fi space simulation game made with the FOSS Godot Engine is now opening up Early Access builds on itch, with a slight difference.

In The Middle Of Zombies, a promising in-development action game with Linux support

In The Middle Of Zombies from Wabby's Land is a top-down action game about blowing up zombies, with a little survival and RPG-styled elements thrown in.

Catacomb Kids, a very deadly platformer that just had a big update recently

After not trying out Catacomb Kids since I covered it originally in 2015, I've come back to it to find a much improved game that's just as deadly.

Hair Dash looks like a hilarious two-button action game where your hair becomes a fist

Punch left, punch right, swing a sword and…did my hair just turn into a massive fist? Hair Dash looks like good fun and it's available on Linux.

Tower defense title 'Elemental War' is leaving Early Access next month

If you're a Tower Defense addict, you might want to take a look at Elemental War which is leaving Early Access on July 19th.

The latest footage of UnderMine (coming to Linux) from E3 has me excited to dig deep for riches

UnderMine from Thorium is entering Early Access sometime this Summer and it sure does look like a lot of fun.

Detective RPG with a film noir backdrop 'Pixel Noir' has entered Early Access with Linux support

With some lovely pixel art, Pixel Noir looks like one not to be missed. The story sounds pretty good too!

DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes, the 2D platformer where you have creative power is out

DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes, the 2D platformer where the worlds can be created by you is now in Early Access with same-day Linux support.

Barotrauma, the co-op submarine sim set on Jupiter’s moon Europa is now out in Early Access

A promising start to what could end up being an incredibly fun co-op experience, the co-op submarine sim Barotrauma is out today in Early Access.

God-game city-builder 'The Universim' continues to evolve with the latest update out now

The Universim, one god game I've taken a lot of pleasure in playing has a new update out further advancing the Modern Age.

Space station sim 'Meeple Station' has a new UI and resource system but it still needs a better tutorial

When I checked out Meeple Station from Vox Games and Modularity originally, I loved the idea but it was pretty rough. Checking back on it since a recent overhaul, it's feeling much better.

Slowing down and appreciating the beauty of flying in Fugl

It’s been quite some time since I checked out the adventure game Fugl, which has no set goals of any kind. I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty of it, maybe you will too?

Industrial Petting sounds amusing, will have you farm strange animals and sell them

Releasing late this year, Industrial Petting sounds like a pretty amusing game. With single-player and drop-in online multi-player, it will have you (and maybe friends) supply the galaxy with weird creatures.

Platformer and space shooter hybrid A.N.N.E is finally coming to Early Access this month

Developer Gamesbymo can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, as their platformer and space shooter hybrid A.N.N.E is heading into Early Access on June 18th.
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