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Category: Early Access
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Twin-stick shooter Moss Destruction enters Early Access with Linux support

After getting Linux support in early during their alpha phase, twin-stick shooter Moss Destruction entered Early Access yesterday.

The latest Sunless Skies update overhauls the combat and AI behaviours

Failbetter Games have just put out a fresh update for Sunless Skies to improve many parts of the combat.

SCUM, a very exciting sounding open-world survival game should come to Linux

SCUM, an open world survival game from developer Gamepires (produced by Croteam and published by Devolver Digital) is shaping up to be one of the most exciting releases this year and it seems Linux is in their plans.

The Universim is now officially available in Early Access on Steam

The Universim from developer Crytivo just entered Early Access today and as promised it does include the Linux build.

Puzzle game 'while True: learn()' puts you in the shoes of a machine learning developer

Another programming puzzle game here for you today with 'while True: learn()' that will place you into the shoes of a cat loving machine learning developer.

Colony building sim RimWorld just had a huge 'Polish the Cannons' update

The excellent colony building sim RimWorld was updated today with the Polish the Cannons update adding in plenty of new content ahead of a final release.

An early look at Achaem, an action-RPG with an infinite world that generates as you explore

An action-RPG where the world generates before your eyes as you explore, it's certainly an interesting element so is Achaem any good?

A Gummy's Life is another brilliant local and online multiplayer game for Linux

Continuing my quest to find some great co-op games, I recently tried out A Gummy's Life which was a birthday gift from a reader. It's actually hilarious.

Turn-based tactics game Fort Triumph now has the first whole chapter of the campaign

Fort Triumph is a very interesting strategy game that mixes in elements from XCOM along with some interesting environmental interactions, they recently updated it with the entire first chapter of the campaign.

Fallout inspired 'ATOM RPG' just had a massive update including a new skill tree

I am so incredibly impressed with AtomTeam on how they've repeatedly pushed out huge updates to ATOM RPG. This latest update makes the game a very different beast.

Indie FPS 'War Brokers' adds a new Battle Royale mode, has Linux support

Are you itching to play some Battle Royale on Linux? Now is your chance as the indie FPS game War Brokers just added a Battle Royale mode.

Co-op starship sim PULSAR: Lost Colony updated with more content, get ready to go to red alert

PULSAR: Lost Colony is a co-op starship simulation game where you and some friends can assume specific roles on your very own ship, it's a very cool idea and their latest content update is out.

Puzzle game Molecats that has you change the environment to leave Early Access on August 28th

Molecats is a puzzle game that gives you indirect-control, as you steer your little friends through the environment by changing it. They've announced that it's officially releasing on August 28th.

Crazy Justice has a new video to show off some proper gameplay ahead of Early Access

Crazy Justice, the third-person shooter with Battle Royale modes is supposed to be entering Early Access tomorrow so they've finally put out a proper gameplay video.

Strategy game Oligopoly: Industrial Revolution is now out in Early Access

Inspired by the likes of Transport Tycoon and Industry Giant, Oligopoly: Industrial Revolution is out in Early Access on Steam today with Linux support.
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