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Category: Early Access
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The Culling, a good looking Unreal Engine 4 battle royale game is heading to Linux soon

I must admit I like the look of The Culling! While I like the idea of survival games, they often don't click for me, but a battle royale game I could definitely get into.

Endciv, a game about building a town in the wastelands looks like it will come to Linux in experimental form

Endciv looks like an interesting take on town building simulation games, you are tasked with building a town in the wasteland after the fall of society.

Maia 0.55 Pressure Drop released, much improved on Linux

Maia promises to be quite an interesting colony builder when it's finished, and I'm finally starting to see it come together with the brand new 0.55 Pressure Drop release.

The new Master of Orion should have a Linux version with the next update

It's a great time to be a space strategy fan, as Stellaris is right around the corner and now Master of Orion is about to land on Linux too.

Satellite Rush, a sci-fi top down shooter (video and thoughts)

Today I checked out Satellite Rush, you're an office worker abducted by aliens and you need to please the audience by blowing stuff up in randomly generated rooms.

Duskers developers planning official Linux support, current beta works well

Duskers is the rather unique strategy and survival game in procedurally generated worlds. You pilot drones into spaceships and figure out what's going on.

Super Cane Magic ZERO, a comedy action RPG in Early Access for Linux (video and thoughts)

I finally decided to check out Super Cane Magic ZERO, a game I purchased on a whim back in January. The game is rather silly and I actually quite like it.

Vector 36, a physics-based racer set on Mars is now on Linux

Thanks to requests from the community, the developers of Vector 36 have ported their futuristic physics-based racer set on Mars to Linux!

Slime Rancher major update released, entire new area, new slimes and more

Slime Rancher is probably one of the cutest games I've played in recent memory, I adore those little slimes. The developer has just released The Indigo Quarry Update, and it's big.

Golf With Friends, a multiplayer mini golf game for up to 12 players now on Linux

Is it raining, but you have that need to play some mini golf? Well, Golf With Friends has just landed on Linux.

Doom & Destiny Advanced, an Early Access comedy RPG now on Linux

Doom & Destiny Advanced looks like a really nice 2D RPG, it's currently in Early Access and the Linux & Mac versions have recently been added.

You can now get access to the excellent Faeria for a lot cheaper, without booster packs

I love Faeria, a weird mix of strategy, card game, and a board game all in one. It's like Hearthstone on steroids, and it now has a cheaper option to be able to play it right now.

Thoughts on Retro-Pixel Castles after some major updates, a godlike village simulator on Linux

I really liked Retro-Pixel Castles when I played it initially last year, and after trying it again now it has had some major updates I have some more thoughts on it.

Don't Starve Together leaving Early Access on April 21st

Prepare to fail at survival, as Don't Starve Together is officially being released this month on the 21st of April. Great game, do try it out.

Explore space in AuroraRL, now in Early Access for Linux & SteamOS

AuroraRL is a space exploration game where our precious earth is in crisis, and it's your task to seek out alien life and make new friends.
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