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Category: FPS
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Indie FPS 'War Brokers' adds a new Battle Royale mode, has Linux support

Are you itching to play some Battle Royale on Linux? Now is your chance as the indie FPS game War Brokers just added a Battle Royale mode.

Polygod is a fast-paced FPS with a weapon you constantly upgrade and it's now out

If you think you have good aim and fast reflexes, Polygod is probably a good FPS for you to check out with single-player, local co-op and online play.

The Communist Dogifesto, an open source first-person shooter has a big update

The Communist Dogifesto has quite an amusing setting, with Russian space dogs aboard a space station becoming really rather intelligent and taking it over. It's open source and it just had a rather big update.

Insurgency: Sandstorm is looking real good in the latest videos, Linux version should come in the first couple updates

Insurgency: Sandstorm is the new tactical FPS from New World Interactive that will be coming to Linux. There's new videos out to show it off and we have an update for you about Linux support.

TO4: Tactical Operations, a new free FPS will have a Linux version

TO4: Tactical Operations is an Unreal Engine powered free first-person shooter that's coming to Steam and they're planning a Linux version.

A developer from Bohemia Interactive wants to know your interest in the Arma 3 Linux port

One of the developers from Bohemia Interactive who's active in our community is asking to see how much interest there is in the Linux port of Arma 3.

Indie FPS 'Ballistic Overkill' updated with a new 'Rounds' game mode

Rounds is a new game mode for Ballistic Overkill that sees two teams of up to 6 players fight to eliminate the other team, each player only has one life per round.

The Panorama UI for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now live for everyone by default

Valve's massive update to the interface for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now officially live for everyone, no longer needing a launch option to be set.

Voxel Turf updated again with weapon recoil and a new dungeon system

This might seem a bit like Déjà vu since I only wrote about Voxel Turf recently! It has another update today and this is quite an exciting one.

The Linux beta of Arma 3 has been updated to 1.82

The experimental Linux beta of Arma 3 has once again been updated putting the Linux version up to 1.82.

GOG now have the Linux port of Turok available

Be ready to face the dinos as your friendly neighbourhood DRM free store have just today added the Linux version on Turok.

The fast-paced free shooter 'Xonotic' is now available as a Flatpak package for easy install

Not to be outdone by Snap packages, Flatpak's are also getting in on the fun so you can also now get Xonotic from Flathub.

Polygod, the difficult FPS with random environments launches next month

Polygod, the difficult FPS from Krafted Games is officially leaving Early Access on August 17th and it sure does look fun.

Stack Gun Heroes gives you a gun that can be modded during combat, superpowers and lots of explosions

Stack Gun Heroes from developer Unstackd seems like it could be quite a fun shooter, one that gives you a highly customizable gun.

Retro FPS 'Ion Maiden' is officially getting multiplayer, a delay in the final release and a limited run boxed copy

The retro FPS from Voidpoint and 3D Realms is officially getting multiplayer along with a note about a delayed final release.
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