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Category: Free Game
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Find Doom a bit too dark? Doom: The Golden Souls 2 is a free colourful FPS

Doom: The Golden Souls 2 is another interesting free GZDoom game, taking some inspirations from Mario.

Free and open source racer 'Yorg' has a new build out with experimental multiplayer

Remember Yorg? The free and open source racer I showed a little of back in March has a fresh update out with experimental multiplayer.

Vehicle battle game 'Robocraft' is now completely lootbox-free

I'm a big fan of Robocraft, a free game where you build your own vehicle and battle with it. Now even more so, since they've removed the last traces of lootboxes.

War Thunder currently has a Vulkan renderer under development that you can try out

The free-to-play vehicular combat MMO has shown hints that Vulkan support has a work in progress for some time now. It’s still not officially supported but, with some tinkering, you can see how it’s coming along for yourself.

Want to play Track Mania Nations Forever on Linux using Wine? There's a snap for that

Track Mania Nations Forever, the free racing game from developer Nadeo can now be installed and run rather easily on Linux thanks to a Snap package.

CATACLYSM is a free local multiplayer arena brawler that's pretty sweet

At my request, the developer of CATACLYSM, a rather sweet local multiplayer brawler has added a Linux version to their game.

GOG are giving away Ziggurat in the second week of their Summer Sale

Want a free game while you shop for your next game? Ziggurat is currently free for ~47 hours on GOG in their Summer Sale.

Chroma Blast is a rather nice & free twin-stick shooter that's now on Linux

If you love your twin-stick shooters, you should try out Chroma Blast which recently added a Linux version.

Online multiplayer RTS 'Interloper' is now free and has Linux support

Another free game tip here for you today, as the online multiplayer RTS Interloper has officially removed any price so you can grab it free.

Free first-person stealth game 'The Dark Mod' has a major new release

The Dark Mod, inspired by the Thief games just had a massive update and there's a lot of new goodies.

Guns of Icarus Alliance is free to keep if you grab it on Steam before Tuesday

In need of a new game? How about one that's free? You can grab Guns of Icarus Alliance right now and get a permanent copy added to your Steam library.

Grab 'Hacknet - Deluxe' for free in the Humble Spring Sale Encore

For the next day or so you can grab Hacknet - Deluxe absolutely free as the Humble Store is doing a Spring Sale Encore.

In the multiplayer strategy game Epicinium, your impact on the environment matters

Strategy games are often about destroy or be destroyed, but what happens after that? Do you want to win only to control ash and rubble? Epicinium is a multiplayer strategy game where you need to be careful with your battles.

Cart Crawlers is a TF2-themed rogue-lite shooter that was made in Godot and it's free

What do you get when you take the fast-paced shooter gameplay from the likes of Nuclear Throne and throw in the cart-pushing mechanics from TF2? Cart Crawlers answers that.

WolfenDoom - Blade of Agony is looking for AMD testers

The GZDoom-powered FPS total conversion WolfenDoom: Blade of Agony is pushing on with development of Chapter 3: The Clash of Faith.
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