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Category: Free Game
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Offworld, A Good Looking Free Aerial Combat Game

Offworld is a single player third person shooter where players pilot an airship and fight for the dominion of their chosen clan! Featuring a lovely looking cell-shaded graphical style and Linux support as standard.

CoinRPG! A Bitcoin RPG, Beta Release!

Jonathan Malave,
Kuroato Media releases CoinRPG Beta! Available for PC, Mac, Linux, and Browser Platforms. CoinRPG is a Bitcoin inspired Multiplayer Online Action RPG Game! Explore an open world, discover hidden treasures and hunt monsters for loot.

Puppy Arcade - Retro Gaming Live CD

Scott Jarvis,
Puppy Arcade is a FREE retro gaming operating system, with many emulators included for different systems & consoles, plus the multi-system rom browser 'Rom-Loader', and many other exclusive tools.

Star Conflict Beautiful Space MMO Looks Like It May Come To Linux

So, you love your MMO games right? Add in the fact that it's in space and space is beautiful and we have a winning mix. Enter Star Conflict!

Nothing To Hide, A Game Of Anti-Stealth & It's Open Source

This is very interesting, Nothing To Hide is a game where you are your own watchdog, a game of anti-stealth and it looks pretty cool.

Cannons Lasers Rockets Hits Steam For Linux, A Free To Play Spaceship MOBA

It has been on Desura for a while, but it is good to see them get onto Steam for more players. Cannons Lasers Rockets looks like a pretty fun MOBA, set phasers to fun!

The Plan, A Free Exploration Game Now On Steam For Linux

In The Plan you play as a fly exploring your surroundings, developed by Krillbite Studio who are creating Among The Sleep.

Ubuntu Developers Join Debian In Getting Free Valve Games

Valve are again spreading the joy to developers with free games, this time the Ubuntu developers are now eligible to get free Valve games!

Warsow FPS 1.1 Beta Released

Warsow is a fast paced first person shooter with some pretty stylish cartoon graphics, they have just released a brand new beta with big changes.

Arena Of Heroes A Free To Play Turn-Based Battle Arena

Arena of Heroes is a game I just discovered that is actually quite decent for a free to play game. With decent graphics and interesting game-play.

The Dark Mod Free Stealth Game 2.01 Released

The awesome and free stealth-based game The Dark Mod has released a brand new point version with improved character models and loads more.

Serena A Free Point & Click Adventure Game On Steam For Linux

Serena may be free, but it looks fantastic. With some really dark and gloomy visuals any adventure game fan will love this one.

You Have to Win the Game An Extremely Retro Platformer Now On Linux

You Have to Win the Game is a very interesting platformer game that has just been released on Linux. It's interesting because it's so retro it emulates old CRT screens (you know those screens we had before flat-panels) so it feels like you're playing on an old PC.

Toribash Fighting Game 4.7 Beta Brings Back Linux Support!

The newest release of Toribash brings back Linux support, which was abandoned some time ago. If you like difficult, but satisfying games, give this free turn-based fighting gem a try!

GOL Cast: Crashing On Zombie Infested Islands in Estranged: Act I

Ah, zombies. There can never be enough of them, right? Well, getting stranded on an island infested with the things after a storm nearly sinks your ship and drowns you might sound like a perfect vacation to you then.
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