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Category: GOG
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GOG Connect has new games for you to grab from Steam for free if you already own them

GOG Connect is the ability to own games on GOG, that you already have on Steam. Alongside the currently sale going on at GOG, the team have added in new titles for you to bring over to GOG for free.

The last dev diary of RPG 'Tyranny' shows off many parts of the game, GOL preview livestream next week

Tyranny, the new massive RPG from Obsidian Entertainment releases on the 10th of November, and the last dev diary showing it off is up. I plan to do a livestream preview before release on the 8th of November!

GOG currently have a big sale on, snap up some cheap DRM free Linux games

Never a day goes by where there isn't a sale for you to pick up cheap games from decent stores. Today GOG has started the 'Monstrous Fall Sale'.

The developers of 'Owlboy', a fantastic looking 2D adventure game say they will look to port it to Linux soon

Back in September the developer of 'Owlboy' stated on Twitter they were looking at using FNA to bring the game to Linux. Now that it's out for Windows, the developers have said again they will look to port it soon.

Zombasite, an action RPG set in a zombie apocalypse is now available for Linux DRM free on GOG

GOG have put up another sweet Linux games to their store this week. You can now pick up Zombasite, an action RPG set in a zombie apocalypse.

Slime Rancher, the awesome game about farming adorable slimes has been updated

Slime Rancher is a little favourite of mine, as it has some pretty fun gameplay and it's great for kids too. This new update isn't massive, but it's good.

Classic platformer 'Titus the Fox: To Marrakech and Back' now has a Linux version on GOG

'Titus the Fox: To Marrakech and Back', a platformer from 1992 that was originally released for the Amiga, but now it has a Linux version on GOG.

Human: Fall Flat released DRM free on GOG, a physics-based 3D puzzler

Human: Fall Flat was released on Steam back in July, but it now has a fresh DRM free release. It's an odd looking physics-based 3D puzzler and I gave it a go.

If you're in the mood for a decent Zombie survival game, don't pass up on Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is the rather good sandbox Zombie survival game from The Indie Stone, and it has come a long way!

Pharaonic, the side-scrolling RPG & action game is now available DRM free on GOG

Pharaonic the stylish and difficult side-scrolling RPG/Action title is now available DRM free on GOG, it has a Linux build of course.

The isometric typing adventure 'Epistory: Typing Chronicles' is now available DRM-free on GOG

This unique atmospheric adventure typing game is now available DRM free on GOG, with a 35% discount until October 25, 1 PM UTC, so it will only cost you USD 8,77 until then.

Bastion for Linux is finally available on GOG, the game also now uses FNA

As usual for GOG, slow and steady! Bastion is now available on GOG and the game itself has been updated to use Ethan Lee's FNA.

Testing out 'Star Vikings', a casual puzzle RPG now out in full and available on Linux

Star Vikings from Rogue Snail is a casual puzzle RPG where it plays a little like a reverse plants vs zombies. It feels very much like a casual mobile game.

Parkitect, the cute theme park builder updated again with new rides, loans and more

Parkitect is coming along really nicely, and looks to be a great answer to having a theme park builder on Linux. The developers have put up a new build with new rides including bumper cars, and the ability to get a loan.

Pushing people around until they Conga with me in 'Conga Master', it's amusing and sadly repetitive

'Conga Master' from Undercoders is an amusing and silly idea for a game, get ready to shake those hips.
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