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Category: Hardware
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Valve have confirmed Linux support for their Valve Index VR headset, pre-orders on May 1st

Just as an update to our previous article talking about Valve's new VR headset the Valve Index, I contacted Valve to get some bits cleared up.

The Linux-powered Atari VCS has gone through some design changes

The Atari VCS team put out a new blog post and it goes over some changes to the design and it still looks pretty great.

Woops - Valve accidentally put up the Valve Index, Base Station and Controllers unfinished store pages

What could possibly be a little prank from Valve, the unfinished Steam store pages for the Valve Index, Valve Index Base Station and Valve Index Controllers went online a little too early.

Valve have now officially teased their own VR headset with Valve Index

While details are extremely light, we now know Valve's VR headset is called the Valve Index and more details are coming soon.

The Linux-powered Atari VCS is getting upgraded to AMD Ryzen, shipping dates pushed back

Remember the Atari VCS, the Linux-powered gaming console? Well it's still alive and they've decided to give it a bit of an upgrade.

NVIDIA have released the 418.43 driver, includes support for the just released GeForce GTX 1660

Two bits of NVIDIA news for you today, not only have they released a new stable driver, they've also put out their latest GPU with the GTX 1660.

Intel begins talking up their open source efforts for their upcoming dedicated GPU

With Intel's brand new dedicated GPU due next year, they've begun talking up their efforts of getting Linux support in early.

GreenWithEnvy, an impressive tool for overclocking NVIDIA GPUs

As always, my love for the open source and Linux community continues. When a company doesn't do something officially, someone else comes along and does it. GreenWithEnvy is a recent one, to allow NVIDIA GPU owners to tinker with their hardware.

Linux hardware vendor Entroware has unleashed Hades, their first AMD CPU desktop

For those looking to splash out a bit on a new desktop, the Linux hardware vendor Entroware have unleashed Hades, a powerful new desktop computer with Linux pre-loaded.

AMD have announced the AMD Radeon VII GPU and more at CES 2019

Something that could be rather exciting for AMD enthusiasts, AMD has officially revealed the AMD Radeon VII at CES 2019. On top of that, 3rd generation Ryzen desktop processors are coming.

NVIDIA to support VESA Adaptive Sync with 'G-SYNC Compatible' branding

As a bit of a win for everyone, NVIDIA have announced that they will be supporting VESA Adaptive Sync.

Intel's new discrete GPU will have a focus on Linux gaming

Not exactly surprising, Intel have stated that for their new discrete GPU that Linux gaming will have a focus for them.

SC Controller, the driver and UI for the Steam Controller is being rewritten to be more portable

If you've read GamingOnLinux regularly, you will likely know how I am a big fan of SC Controller. It's a user-made driver and interface for using and mapping the Steam Controller. It's also now going under some major changes.

The Atari VCS team put out a post to talk about the Linux OS along with an open source project teaser

Despite it still sounding a long way off, the Atari VCS console which will have a Linux-based OS along with the ability to boot another normal Linux distribution is coming along.

Steam Link hardware officially walks the plank, there's an app for that

Valve has quietly mentioned that the Steam Link is selling out across the world with stock either sold out or about to be sold out.
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