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Category: Hardware
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Facebook Buys Oculus VR, The Internet Freaks Out

So, you all heard about Facebook buying Oculus Rift right? I considered doing an article last night, but I decided to let my own and everyone else's hot heads cool down a bit.

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset Development Kit 2 Announced

Oculus has announced their second generation VR development kit with many improvements, it's closer to what the retail release will be.

Valve's Vogl OpenGL Debugger Now Works On AMD's Drivers

Valve's Rich Geldreich has been busy, he has now fixed a number of issues that where driver specific to AMD, allowing the debugger to work for AMD now too.

Steam Controller Update, New Design Shown

Valve has shown off the latest iteration of their Steam Controller and it's looking sexier than ever.

Proper Nvidia PhysX Linux Support Soon With Nvidia GameWorks

Looks like Nvidia are stepping their game up, they announced Nvidia GameWorks recently and one their videos specifically mentions Linux support.

Puppy Arcade - Retro Gaming Live CD

Scott Jarvis,
Puppy Arcade is a FREE retro gaming operating system, with many emulators included for different systems & consoles, plus the multi-system rom browser 'Rom-Loader', and many other exclusive tools.

Valve Games On AMD Foss Drivers

It’s pretty common knowledge Nvidia users get some good drivers at the trade-off of binary blob drivers (or not, depending on your ethics) and that AMD are often left in the dust, but how can open source drivers change that?

Valve Releases Source Code For Their Virtual Reality API

In a move that will please developers Valve has opened up the source code to their VR API so anyone can now dive in.

AMD Catalyst 14.1 Beta For Linux

AMD has unleashed their latest beta driver for AMD graphics card holders, full of lots of goodies, but is it enough?

Steamworks API From Valve Now Includes The VR API

This will excite any developer and gamer who actually has their hands on some VR kit, Valve has updated the Steamworks API to officially include their VR API.

Alienware's Steam Machine Won't Be Customizable

In another shocking move from one manufacturer, Alienware has decided to lock down their Steam Machine with no customization, no upgrades and a yearly refresh cycle...what?

Steam Dev Days Day 2 Highlights

So Steam Dev Days is off again and we are here again to bring you the highlights from afar in lonely UK.

Steam Dev Days Highlights

Well Steam Dev Days has kicked off in style and we have a little bit of the lowdown here for you, keep an eye on this post as I will keep updating it to keep everyone in the loop as much as I can!

AaaaaaaaAAAAaAAaaaaAA!!! For the Awesome gets Rift support on Linux

Earlier today, Owlchemy Labs and Dejobaan Games released an update for AaaaaaaaAAAAaAAaaaaAA!!! For the Awesome, which adds the Rift friendly "Aaaaaculus" version on Linux!

Help Make Open Source AMD Graphics Drivers Better

Lauri Kasanen wrote into Phoronix to request help in gathering information on the r600g open source AMD graphics driver.
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