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Category: Indie Game
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Alcarys Complex Beautiful 2D RPG Released On Linux

If you remember back in October of last year I mentioned that Alcarys Complex would be heading over to Linux, I am pleased to say it has now dropped and works great!

Door Kickers Real Time Tactics Alpha 8 Released

Door Kickers the really interesting SWAT real time tactics game has released it's eighth alpha version completing its class system.

Planet Explorers Heading To Steam Early Access This Month

Planet Explorers the epic looking open world voxel based sandbox game is heading to Steam Early Access towards the end of this month.

Eschalon: Book I & Eschalon: Book II Now On Steam For Linux

The epic episodic RPG games Eschalon: Book I & Eschalon: Book II are now on Steam for Linux ahead of Book III's release.

Probably Archery Game Now On Steam For Linux

We first introduced you to Probably Archery back in November last year, it's now on Steam with a handy launch discount if you didn't pick it up before!

Papers, Please Out For Linux In A Few Days

On the 12th of February LINUX operating passes are to be granted equal consideration on passing the borders, Glory to Arstotzka!

Steam Lights The Green Light For More Linux Games

Another batch of titles have been greenlit to be on Steam, we give you the run-down on what ones you can expect to see on Linux. Warning: Lots of videos inside!

Fading Hearts Anime Style Story Game Released On Steam For Linux

With some lovely anime/manga style graphics and plenty of text to read Fading Hearts has written itself onto Steam, thanks to being greenlit by the community for you story game fans.

Jets'n'Guns Side Scrolling Shooter Gold Released On Steam For Linux

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Jets'n'Guns Gold has been released onto Steam for Linux after years of only being available through the now silent LinuxGamePublishing.

Glitchspace A First Person Programming Game, Find Those Glitches!

This looks pretty out-there, Glitchspace currently in alpha is a first person puzzle game where you have to reprogram glitches to proceed.

RymdResa A Fancy Looking Procedurally Generated Space Odyssey

I have no idea how this flew under my radar, RymdResa is a rather fancy looking sandbox space adventure game.

Drifter Open-world Sandbox Space Trading Game Updates

It has been a while since I wrote about Drifter so it's time to change that! Drifter is a really good looking space sandbox game you guys will love.

Little Racers STREET Top Down Racer Interview

Little Racers STREET is an awesome looking top down racer that will come to Linux with its Steam release on the 6th. I had a chance to speak to the developers about their game.

Prison Architect Alpha 17 Launches With Armed Guards

Prison Architect the prison building simulation game has a brand new alpha version featuring a much requested feature, guards can now be armed!

Distro Horizons - 3D Collectathon Game & Interview

Distro Horizons Vs. Galaximo's Army is a 3D collectathon project created by Kitatus Studios. Inspired by the greats (Banjo Kazooie, Super Mario 64, Crash Bandicoot, Conker's Bad Fur Day). We have an interview with the developers to find out more about it.
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