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Creature-building survival-action game 'Sipho' has a new breed in the latest update

Sipho is another pretty interesting indie game I'm following, one where you construct an organism from various parts and attempt to survive. The latest update adds an entirely new breed and it's pretty fun.

2D indie platform brawler 'Super Powered Battle Friends' is now up on Steam and

Super Powered Battle Friends from Cache Grab Studios is a new platform fighter, with both local and online play and it's now in Early Access.

Risk System looks like a shoot 'em up not to be missed, out with Linux support

I will admit, I almost missed Risk System thinking it's just another retro-looking shoot 'em up but upon closer inspection it actually looks and sounds pretty damn good.

Jupiter Hell continues being a great combination of Doom and a roguelike, now with challenge modes

Another Jupiter Hell update arrived recently, as ChaosForge rip and tear towards the Early Access release next month. I expect great things when this is finished, as it's already glorious.

The loot and shoot cyberspace FPS 'Black Ice' has some seriously fun loot in the latest beta

I love first-person shooters, it's easily my favourite genre next to traditional real-time strategy games (the kind where you build a base, then send out an army) and the cyberspace FPS Black Ice is continuing to be impressive.

Hyperspace Delivery Service is leaving Early Access next month, has Linux support

Hyperspace Delivery Service, a retro-styled adventure from Zotnip is getting ready to leave Early Access.

The simple yet stylish puzzle game SiNKR 2 is out and it's lovely

SiNKR 2 from Robert Wahler, a minimalist and stylish puzzle game is now available with same-day Linux support.

Zap Blastum: Galactic Tactics, a top-down cover-shooter releases this year

Zap Blastum: Galactic Tactics looks quite unique, a top-down shooter where you hop from one bit of cover to another with simple controls and they claim it's "The cover shooter anyone can play!".

Zeroptian Invasion looks like a fun bit of retro shoot 'em up action and it's now on Linux

Zeroptian Invasion, released originally last year officially gained Linux support last month and it looks like a pretty sweet retro shoot 'em up.

Wolfire Games seem to be another recent arrival to the store

Wolfire Games, developer of titles like Overgrowth and Lugaru as well as being behind the original creation of the Humble Indie Bundle are now putting their games up on

Supergiant Games now have Bastion, Transistor and Pyre up on

Supergiant Games did something awesome today, as they've put all three of their older games up on with Bastion, Transistor and Pyre.

After a recent big update, Rise to Ruins breaks its own single-day sales record

Seems the indie gaming scene in some circles on Steam is alive and well, as Rise to Ruins has broken its own single day sales record and it had a huge update recently.

The twin-stick shooter 'Moss Destruction' continues to improve but it's still ridiculously hard

With a strange and unique visual style, Moss Destruction released back in March and while fun it was overly difficult at times. Recent updates are a dramatic improvement to the flow of it but it remains incredibly difficult.

The Glass Staircase, a homage to classic survival horrors and Italian zombie movies adds Linux support

Super-retro looking horror title The Glass Staircase added official Linux support earlier this month and it looks pretty freaky.

Character-driven, procedurally-generated tactical RPG 'Wildermyth' adds Linux support

Wildermyth looks like quite a unique tactical RPG, one with visuals that make it seem like the game is made out of paper-craft and it's now on Linux.
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