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Event[0], the utterly fantastic looking sci-fi narrative exploration game is getting close to a Linux release

This news comes in thanks to GOL user Creak, who sent word that it seems 'Event[0]' is closing in on a Linux release.

Make sure you play 'Gone Home' this weekend, as it's free for a short time

This is fantastic to see! 'Gone Home' is currently free on itch for the weekend as the developer is spreading a bit of hope and love.

Gunmetal Arcadia Zero gets a wide release and brings along generous servings of nostalgia

Originally released as part of a Humble Monthly, this retro-inspired platformer is now available for standalone purchase.

A look at some neat Linux games you can find on the awesome itch store

The game store itch can be a bit of a goldmine when it comes to smaller titles, and it’s time to give them a shout out.

Hyper Ultra Astronautics, a fast-paced competitive local multiplayer space arena

Hyper Ultra Astronautics is the latest game from FRACTiLE Games and promises lots of space action. It's a fast-paced competitive local multiplayer space arena shooter, and it claims to have a somewhat realistic flight model.

Race cars with the worst handling ever made online in ForeveRacers

My god, ForeveRacers might be my new favourite stupid thing. It's an online racer where the cars are all top heavy physics wobbly things.

Become a Vampire hunter in 'Slayer Shock' now out in full with Linux support

'Slayer Shock' is the newest game from Minor Key Games, the developer behind Eldritch. You take on the role of a Vampire hunter trying to save your town.

The third beta of FREE FPS ‘Ravenfield’ is out, the game keeps getting better

‘Ravenfield’ is a small but excellent FPS inspired by Battlefield (but without Multiplayer), and now its single developer is releasing an update. There isn’t a lot of new content, but the new assets and improvements are surely welcomed.

Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok is coming to Linux, developer looking for testers

Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok a hybrid RPG/Adventure game will come to Linux. The developer is looking for testers to report back on a test build to help them polish the experience.

Convicted Galaxy, a procedurally generated space exploration game needs votes on Steam Greenlight

Convicted Galaxy, a procedurally generated space exploration game that's currently on the indie store itch is also trying to get on Steam. The developers sent me a copy to check out too.

Kill deadly fast food products in the free shooter 'Space Jammers', it's really quite good

'Space Jammers' is a new discovery thanks to the awesome game store itch. A game about alien kitten pirates on a music tour, who get sent to another dimension.

'Slayer Shock' from the developer of Eldritch is now in Beta, go hunt some vampires

Slayer Shock is the next game from David Pittman (Eldritch, NEON STRUCT) and Minor Key Games (Super Win the Game, Gunmetal Arcadia). It's available to buy right now with access to a beta.

Gunpods Vagabond, a side-scrolling shooter with Lunar Lander style movement mechanics built with Godot

Gunpods Vagabond is a 2D, side-scrolling shooter with physically simulated, Lunar Lander style movement mechanics. It was built with the open source Godot engine, so I took a look.

Become a box in 'What The Box?' a rather funny online shooter that has Linux support

I decided to check out 'What The Box?' a new Early Access shooter because the idea of it sounds hilarious. Everyone is a box, in rooms full of boxes, but you have to figure out what box is another player and kill them.

TowerFall Ascension now has an official 5-8 player mod

TowerFall Ascension, the rather cool local multiplayer game now has an official standalone mod that enables 5-8 player gameplay.
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