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The awesome itch store is also having a big sale, with some real indie gems going cheap

One store you really shouldn't look past is itch, as they have an open source client and I never hear a bad thing said about them.

The open source itch games client has been updated yet again

The itch developers sure do work fast, as another two versions of this open source game client has been released.

The open source itch client has been updated with major new features

The client for the game store itch has been updated again and it has some really useful stuff this time.

Urban Pirate, a turn-based, urban crime simulation is coming to Linux

The developers of 'Urban Pirate' have announced that their turn-based, urban crime simulation is heading to Linux.

BUTCHER, the brutal 2D shooter has a free DLC which gives you an easy mode

BUTCHER, the gory and totally brutal 2D shooter that's really quite good has a free DLC which enables an easy mode.

Meet 'Vilmonic', the pixel styled artificial life simulator, it's quite sweet

Vilmonic is another late night discovery, this time thanks to the itch store. It has a free and a paid version, so there's nothing stopping you taking a look.

Solitude, a short game about leaving everything behind, it looks bizarre

Solitude, is a short game about leaving everything behind to become a shepherd, sort of. It looks utterly bizarre and quite unique.

Event[0], the sci-fi narrative exploration game should have a Linux beta soon

I know a few people who will be happy about this! Event[0] is to gain a Linux beta shortly after the developers got the Linux build to run smooth and stable.

Earth Liberation, a surprisingly good looking traditional RTS should come to Linux

I discovered Earth Liberation thanks to the game store itch and it looked fantastic. It's not currently on Linux, but the developer stated they are planning a Linux version.

The 'A Good Bundle' game bundle on itch is a pretty good deal, supports charity

Here's something awesome, 'A Good Bundle' is being hosted on games store itch where all proceeds go to charity.

The itch app has a new major version, still as slick as ever

If you're a fan of the games store itch like me, you may want to know about the latest update to their open source client.

Event[0], the utterly fantastic looking sci-fi narrative exploration game is getting close to a Linux release

This news comes in thanks to GOL user Creak, who sent word that it seems 'Event[0]' is closing in on a Linux release.

Make sure you play 'Gone Home' this weekend, as it's free for a short time

This is fantastic to see! 'Gone Home' is currently free on itch for the weekend as the developer is spreading a bit of hope and love.

Gunmetal Arcadia Zero gets a wide release and brings along generous servings of nostalgia

Originally released as part of a Humble Monthly, this retro-inspired platformer is now available for standalone purchase.

A look at some neat Linux games you can find on the awesome itch store

The game store itch can be a bit of a goldmine when it comes to smaller titles, and it’s time to give them a shout out.
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