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Category: Metroidvania
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Dandara, a gravity-defying 2d metroidvania platformer that's worth a look

Have you played Dandara? It's a 2d metroidvania platformer that's pretty unique, as you don't run along platforms like other similar games. Instead, you defy gravity by zipping from place to place and it's very interesting to play.

Robot Wants It All, a metroidvania compilation of the Robot Wants series is out with Linux support

As promised by the developer Hamumu Games, Robot Wants It All, a compilation and upgraded editions of the Robot Wants series is now out.

Robot Wants It All, a compilation of mini-Metroidvania games is releasing soon with Linux support

Robot Wants It All is not just one game, it's a bunch of games originally written by Mike Hommel in Flash over the course of several years. They're now being bundled together in an updated form and the release is coming soon.

Dead Cells is getting a huge free update 'Rise of the Giant' that's due soon, available for testing

Easily one of my top 10 favourite Linux games released last year, Dead Cells, is about to get a huge free update. There's also a sweet mini documentary about the developer.

Team Cherry has announced Hollow Knight: Silksong, coming to Linux

The sequel to Hollow Knight has now been officially announced by Team Cherry as Hollow Knight: Silksong.

Dead Cells, one of my favourite releases this year has a major testing build up

Dead Cells, the incredibly stylish action-platformer with a sprinkle of metroidvania elements to make up what they call a Roguevania has a new major build out for testing.

Sundered to get a big free update this month, sounds pretty good

Sundered, the metroidvania action-platform with some fantastic art is going to expand soon and the update will be free.

Cosmic horror metroidvania 'Lore Finder' has comfortably passed the Linux day-1 release goal

Cosmic horror metroidvania 'Lore Finder' from Kitsune Games has recently passed the stretch-goal required to have Linux support at release.

Cosmic horror Metroidvania Lore Finder fully funded, Linux simultaneous release stretch goal is quite low

Lore Finder from Kitsune Games is a very promising looking Metroidvania and the good news is that it's fully funded and heading to Linux. If we want to see a simultaneous release, the stretch goal is up and it's quite low.

Lore Finder, a cosmic horror metroidvania is on Kickstarter and should get Linux support

Lore Finder, a cosmic horror metroidvania from developer Kitsune Games that certainly sounds unique. You take on the role of K.C. Morgan, a paranormal investigator and search a New England mansion for your missing father.

Monster taming metroidvania 'Monster Sanctuary' has smashed plenty of stretch goals, looking good

Monster Sanctuary, a rather interesting monster taming metroidvania that has a Linux demo has smashed through more stretch goals on Kickstarter and it's exciting.

The Linux demo for Monster Sanctuary is now up and it runs nicely

After speaking to the developer of Monster Sanctuary about a Linux demo for their monster taming metroidvania it's now up.

Monster Sanctuary, a monster taming metroidvania is promising Linux support while on Kickstarter

For those times when you gotta catch 'em all, Monster Sanctuary is hoping to win over gamers with the interesting setting while crowdfunding on Kickstarter. They've also recently announced Linux support.

Smith and Winston, a metroidvania-styled twin-stick shooter in a voxel world has Linux support

For those who love a good twin-stick shooter, Smith and Winston certainly looks quite interesting and it has some pretty sweet design.

Timespinner, the fun metroidvania is now available on GOG with a Linux build

After the release on Steam late last month, Timespinner is now available DRM free on GOG for more of you to go exploring.
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