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Category: Misc
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Io Interactive are working on another Hitman game

While not necessarily Linux-specific, Io Interactive who made HITMAN (which Feral Interactive ported to Linux) have confirmed they're working on another.

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Bundle Stars is going through a revamp and renaming themselves 'Fanatical'

Bundle Stars, the legitimate store that runs bundles, game sales and more is going through a bit of a rebrand. They're renaming themselves as Fanatical.

Sunday Linux Gaming Wrap-up

It's Sunday, I have my coffee ready next to me in my favourite mug and it's time to take a look at things we've missed for Linux and Linux gaming around the web.

The developers of Solus are hoping to improve Linux gaming with snaps and their Linux Steam Integration

The Solus distribution developers are a clever bunch, with their Linux Steam Integration software package and snaps, they are hoping to "relieve the pressure on distributions for supporting gaming".

What have you been playing and what do you think?

Since the weekends are generally our quiet time, as I take them to spend a little time with family I'm asking a question: What have you been playing and what do you think?

Need art for your games? Asset Forge and public domain Kenney assets may help

While 'asset flips' are becoming a common occurrence, pre-made art assets are still a valuable resource when used correctly. Asset Forge and Kenney assets might be quite useful!

According to netmarketshare Linux hit 6.91% market share last month, higher than Mac

Take this with a rather large bag of suspicion! Netmarketshare is reporting that Linux had 6.91% market share, which is higher than Mac for the first time.

Icculus has ported The End is Nigh to on-demand service 'Jump', Linux may come soon plus some thoughts

Ever heard of the on-demand subscription gaming service Jump? It's an on-demand game streaming service and Icculus just ported The End is Nigh to it.

City-building strategy game 'Banished' is no longer having a Linux port

This is a weird one, after blogging for a while about porting Banished to Linux (and Mac), the developer seems to have given up on it.

Want to play 'Duck Game' on Linux? Well, it's possible thanks to XnaToFna

Duck Game is a popular action game that's a little insane and it's actually possible to run it on Linux, thanks to developer "0x0ade".

Linux desktop market share has hit another all time high above 3%, according to netmarketshare

Another month, another record. Linux market share has now hit 3.37% according to the netmarketshare website.

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Ryan "Icculus" Gordon is looking for new games to port to Linux, pay not required

Ryan "Icculus" Gordon, the man responsible for maintaining many development tools like SDL 2 and who ported many games to Linux, is looking for new games to port. The fun thing is, he doesn't require payment since he's funded by his Patreon.

What have you been playing on Linux lately and what do you think?

Well now, it's been quite some time since I asked a direct question to my readers. Here we are once again, as I open up the floor to you.
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