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Sproggiwood Is As Charming As It Looks, Our Thoughts

By Liam Dawe,
Sproggiwood was released for Linux recently, and we decided to give it a go to see how it performs, and to let you know if it's worth you throwing your money at the screen for.

GOL Cast: Tank Warfare And Dogfights In War Thunder

By Samsai,
Though we already knew about War Thunder's Linux port back in June the release was still quite sudden and unexpected. So, let's find out if it's worth our time and how the F2P model works.

The Dark Descent of Frictional Games: Part Two

By Hamish,
In the second of a two part opinion series, I will offer up my own personal conviction that the Amnesia games do not actually live up to the full potential demonstrated by their predecessors.

The Dark Descent of Frictional Games: Part One

By Hamish,
In the first of a two part opinion series, we will explore how the Penumbra games through a process of gradual evolution created a solid design template for later Frictional Games titles to follow.

GOL Cast: Trying to Strike a Profit in Merchants of Kaidan

By Samsai,
I talk a lot about Early Access, because the majority of games sent to us are on there. The games there range from awesome to awful, and Merchants of Kaidan has a bit of both.

A Golden Wake Review, Game Release Today

By flesk,
Wadjet Eye Games make their first same-day release for Linux with the release of A Golden Wake today. Follow real estate agent Alfie Banks in this retelling of historical events during the Florida land boom in the early 1920s and the following Great Depression.

GOL Cast: Freezing Bandits and Claptrap Logic in Borderlands 2

By Samsai,
There has to be a conspiracy of some sort against us. I believe someone somewhere is deliberately trying to ruin our productivity by unleashing a storm of awesome games that we (at least I) get hooked on. Here's one of them: Borderlands 2!

GOL Cast: Heavy Bombardment in Cannon Brawl

By Samsai,
I guess it's time to come back from the cruel wasteland and take a look at this simple yet fun indie strategy game that is not quite like anything I've seen before.

GOL Cast: Maintaining the Law of Post-Apocalyptic World in Wasteland 2

By Samsai,
Sorry I'm a bit late! This game turned out to be a bit more addictive than I intially thought and only now I managed to escape for a moment to write this article. But let's get to the point and see what awaits us in the post-apocalyptic world of Wasteland 2!

GOL Cast: Furiously Counterattacking in Ground Pounders

By Samsai,
There aren't too many collectible card games on Linux, but here's something a bit like that. Though it comes with plenty of traditional turn-based strategy along with the cards. Let's see what's in it!

GOL Cast: Hiding and Eating Furniture in Not The Robots

By Samsai,
To balance both my schedule and my workload I decided to pick and play something that isn't too heavy on content and mechanics. Not The Robots fits that category nicely so let's see what's in store for us this time.

GOL Cast: Fighting A Desperate Battle in AI War

By Samsai,
An RTS fan? Well, you might like what this complex strategy game about a galactic war against an over-powered AI brings to the table. Let's see what AI War is all about!

Review: Electronic Super Joy A Beat-Bumping Platformer

By HadBabits,
This week I took a look at Michael Todd's Electronic Super Joy: a fast-paced unforgiving platformer. I missed the initial release last year, and it must be said I was missing out. It's certainly not perfect, but the soundtrack alone may be enough for many of you.

GOL Cast: Spraying And Tagging in Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative

By Samsai,
There have been many discussions and reviews of this Portal 2 mod that landed on Steam with a price tag. So, I think it's time we take a look at it and see for ourselves what lies beyond the doors to the Aperture's Paint Gun Testing department.

Black The Fall Now On Linux In Early Access

By Liam Dawe,
Black The Fall seems to have suffered the same problem a few games do when they add a Linux version to an existing game on Steam, and that's zero exposure. So, it was one even we managed to miss.