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Category: Sandbox
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Open-world, vehicle sandbox adventure 'TerraTech' updated with online multiplayer & better performance

Fancy building a vehicle and exploring a hostile alien landscape? Or perhaps you're more into building a vehicle and battling others online. TerraTech now allows you to do both.

Sounds like your parks are going to get busier in Parkitect and perform better

Parkitect, the sweet park builder from Texel Raptor that's currently in Early Access is already fantastic and the developer is working on improved performance.

Voxel Turf just had a huge update, the AI can now build cities and hired goons can be given orders

Voxel Turf, the urban sandbox that's a little like Minecraft with elements of a city-builder and GTA has just had a huge update.

Parkitect beta 5 is out with a night mode that makes your park look awesome

Parkitect, the game that sucks away time like a black hole because it's just so lovely has become even more beautiful with beta 5.

Factorio will have a price increase this month and leave Early Access soon

It seems when covering the latest Factorio update we missed two rather important things: The price is going to increase and it's leaving Early Access soon.

Project 5: Sightseer is finally adding some PvE content to the exploration sandbox game

Project 5: Sightseer was love when I first tried it and it continued to be love until you realised how empty it was. The developer is finally making steps to solve this with some PvE content.

Procedural co-op space sandbox 'Avorion' has a rather hefty combat update

For those of you who're huge space nerds like me, you will likely want to take a look at the space sandbox game Avorion, especially with the latest combat update.

BROKE PROTOCOL is like a low-poly GTA Online and it's coming to Linux

BROKE PROTOCOL, a low-poly open-world action game that's a little like GTA Online and it's coming to Linux.

Sandbox space exploration game 'Space Impossible' has a Linux test build that works well

I'm such a sucker when it comes to games involving space travel, exploration and building a ship. Turns out that Space Impossible has a Linux version on Steam.

The developer of sandbox RPG Kynseed would bring it to Linux 'if the demand is there'

Kynseed is a 2D sandbox RPG that looks absolutely gorgeous and the developer is open to a Linux version if there's enough demand.

Parkitect beta 4 is out with a Floorless Coaster, improved performance and here's a quick video

Parkitect, the super sweet game about building your own theme park has a new beta out with a new ride and improved performance.

Space colony sim 'Maia' has a major update, masses of improvements and something about robots

I do absolutely love watching space colony sim Maia evolve. This latest release is probably the best I've played and it's really coming together nicely now.

Project Zomboid development keeps on shuffling forward

The zombie survival game in Early Access continues to mature and get new features. Its previous vehicle beta has been updated and the next build will feature even more improvements.

The excellent 'Oxygen Not Included' Occupational Upgrade is now out

Oxygen Not Included is such an addictive game it's quite crazy and the Occupational Upgrade seems to be pretty good.

Train Station Simulator now has an alpha version available for Linux

As promised, the developers of Train Station Simulator have put up a Linux alpha build for you to play around with.
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