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Category: Strategy
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Handelabra Games are bringing the deck-builder Aeon's End to Steam with Linux support

Aeon's End, a deck-building and card battling game based on the cooperative board game is being given the digital treatment from Handelabra Games (One Deck Dungeon, Sentinels of the Multiverse).

Space station sim 'Meeple Station' has a new UI and resource system but it still needs a better tutorial

When I checked out Meeple Station from Vox Games and Modularity originally, I loved the idea but it was pretty rough. Checking back on it since a recent overhaul, it's feeling much better.

BATTLETECH 1.6 is out upgrading the experience for all plus Urban Warfare is out

Harebrained Schemes and Paradox Interactive have updated BATTLETECH today for everyone, along with the release of Urban Warfare with some impressive destruction possible.

Stellaris goes 64bit in the 2.3 "Wolfe" update release, the Ancient Relics DLC also out now

Stellaris has expanded again for everyone and the Ancient Relics DLC is now officially available to play.

The Fertile Crescent, a currently free RTS that's like a retro Age of Empires had a big update

The Fertile Crescent from LincRead is a small real-time strategy game set in the Bronze Age that feels like an indie retro Age of Empires.

Card-based RPG 'SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech' is out with Linux support

Mixing the gameplay up again, SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech is a card-based RPG from Image & Form Games and Thunderful.

Project Hospital, the more serious strategy sim just had a massive update

Not to be confused with the comedy sim Two Point Hospital, Project Hospital from Oxymoron Games is the much more serious management sim and it's been through a bit of an overhaul.

Abbey Games to launch 'Godhood' in Early Access on July 10th, looking real good

Abbey Games (Renowned Explorers, Reus) are getting ready to launch their new strategy sim Godhood, with it now having a release date set for July 10th.

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS has already sold over one million copies

Smashing Total War records from all angles, Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is now the fastest selling and most popular game in the entire franchise.

Seeds of Resilience, a turn-based survival village builder releasing in full next month

Seeds of Resilience, a turn-based village building survival game from Subtle Games and Goblinz Studio is leaving Early Access on June 13th.

Stellaris: Ancient Relics announced for release on June 4th, pre-orders up

Stellaris is set to expand once again next month, with a very interesting story-focused expansion on June 4th.

Interstellar Transport Company releases with Linux support, build a galactic transportation empire

Interstellar Transport Company seems like an interesting mix on the logistics simulator genre, taking you away from roads and trucks and into space.

Second Earth, the prototype base-building game from the developer of Broforce has a big new build up

Free to play currently while in development, Second Earth is an incredibly promising base-building and defence game from Free Lives (Broforce).

Railway Empire has another update and it's off to France in the latest DLC out now

There appears to be no stopping this train, Railway Empire continues to see plenty of post-release support and extra optional content.

Very cool deck-building roguelike Dicey Dungeons alpha ending soon, last chance for early price + updated

Dicey Dungeons might just be one of my favourite indie games this year, a unique blend of an usual roguelike with an ability system powered by cards and dice rolls.
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