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Category: Strategy
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Wasteland 2: Director's Cut Has A Trailer, It's Exciting

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut has me pretty damn excited, especially as I haven't played much of it yet. The new "E3" (bit late aren't you InXile?) trailer is looking great.

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Planning A Day-1 Linux Release

Good news folks, it seems Larian are planning to release Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition on Linux at the same time as Windows!

Massive Planetary Annihilation Update, Galactic War Now Far Better

Planetary Annihilation is even more awesome now, and further shows Uber Entertainment is giving it great support. They have pushed out a massive new stable build recently, and it's great.

Space Colony: Steam Edition Should Be Coming To Linux

Space Colony: Steam Edition is revamp of Space Colony HD found on GOG, and previously the developers were only hopefully to do a Linux version. It seems like they are in progress right now!

0 A.D. Open Source Strategy Game Has A New & Faster Pathfinder

0 A.D. is easily one of the most beautiful open source games around, but it has been plagued by poor performance. Hopefully this new and faster pathfinder is a step towards a rock solid game.

Civilization V Now Supports Steam Workshop On Linux

Civilization V is already a pretty massive game, and now even more so thanks to the continued support from Aspyr Media. Civ V now supports mods thanks to Steam Workshop on Linux.

Sci-fi Colony Sim Builder 'RimWorld' Alpha 11 Released, New Trailer To Show It Off

RimWorld is the surprisingly awesome colony building sim from Ludeon Studios and Tynan Sylvester, and it has a big new alpha. The new trailer isn't half bad too.

Tactical Heist Game 'The Masterplan' Officially Released Last Week

The game was made available for Linux shortly after arriving on Steam Early Access last year, but is now officially released and available on Steam, Humble Store and GOG.

Europa Universalis IV: Common Sense Released

The latest expansion to the popular grand strategy series has been released. With a plethora of changes and additions, it is one of the most comprehensive expansions for the game yet.

More Details On XCOM 2 Emerge, With Linux Support

XCOM 2 is going to be awesome, that’s pretty much a given. The annoying thing is we have to play catch up to IGN’s obviously paid for exclusivity here. IGN will be stretching it out as long as possible of course.

Tactical Strategy Game Massive Chalice Released DRM Free And On Steam For Linux

Massive Chalice was funded on Kickstarter two years ago, and after half a year in Steam Early Access, the full release is now available for Linux on GOG, Humble Bundle and Steam.

XCOM 2 Revealed, Will Be Getting Linux Treatment

It seems that XCOM 2 has been announced after a teaser campaign by 2K. The website 2K brought online last week was now confirmed to be about XCOM and the reveal trailer was published. And best of all, there's a tiny little penguin and a certain feline as a mark of Linux support.

Massive Planetary Annihilation Patch Released, Awesome Stuff

The big patch to Planetary Annihilation that I spoke about recently has been officially released. This makes the Linux client much more stable too.

Nightside RTS Updated With Multiplayer & The Start Of A Campaign

It’s no secret that I love the visual style of Nightside, and this new update has boosted the content rather a lot.

Interloper, A New Small Scale Real Time Strategy Released For Linux, It’s Good

Interloper is a small scale real time strategy that recently released for Linux, and it managed to capture my interest for being a bit different.
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