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Category: Strategy
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Antisquad Turn Based Action Game Will Come To Linux

Widely known in small circles as AntiSquad, they are a military tactical response unit. These hardened military professionals, tired of bureaucracy, politics and serving the armed forces, have established a private paramilitary formation located in south United States.

Kingdom Rush Strategy Game Exits Beta, Now Officially Available On Linux

Kingdom Rush is an epic looking tower defence/strategy game hybrid that has now graced our platform with a full version!

Nova-111 A Sci-Fi Themed Turn Based Adventure With Alien Fighting

Nova-111 is a funny looking little indie game where you control a cute little science vessel looking for lost scientists.

Halfway, A Futuristic Turn Based Strategy Game Development Update

Well, Halfway sadly isn't with us yet, but the developers have written a new blog post telling us what is happening with some screen-shots and a video.

Unvanquished FPS/RTS Hybrid Releases Alpha 25, Out With The Old

Unvanquished has released like clockwork their 25th alpha release, this time ripping out their old renderer completely.

Toy Soldiers: Complete May Come To Linux If The Interest Is There

Toy Soldiers: Complete is in early access on Steam and it looks seriously fun, the developers have now stated if there is enough interest we could see a Linux version.

Dungeon Colony, A Fantasy Real-Time Strategy Game Updated

Dungeon Colony the intriguing real-time strategy were you control a group of dungeon dwelling minions has been updated with some needed fixes.

Prison Architect, A Prison Building Sim Alpha 18 Launched

Prison Building just got a whole-lot more educational in the latest alpha of Prison Architect! Get educating your inmates!

Achron Time Travelling RTS New Version

Achron is a sweet time travel based RTS game available natively on Linux and has been for a long time now, they have a history of great support too with yet another update.

Door Kickers Squad-Based Strategy Releases Alpha 9

Door Kickers is a fantastic indie game for Linux gamers to own. It mixes strategy and action with squad-based tactics.

Planetary Annihilation Now In Gamma Phase With Major Patch, New GOL Video For You

Planetary Annihilation has been again updated and set into the "Gamma" development phase. Featuring a new interface, social features & more!

GOL Cast: Catching Phantoms and Poltergeists in GhostControl Inc.

In an early episode of GOL Cast I was the poltergeist, but today I am actually trying to catch them while managing my ghost busting business!

Planetary Annihilation RTS Invents New Development Phase, Entering Gamma Stage Tomorrow

The Planetary Annihilation developers are promising big things this Thursday for when they enter their "Gamma" phase of development, yes they did just make that up.

Ironclad Tactics: The Rise of Dmitry DLC Released For Linux

Explore the untold backstory of Dmitry in Ironclad Tactics' first add-on campaign, Ironclad Tactics: The Rise of Dmitry.

Planetary Annihilation Major New Update With Video

Planetary Annihilation the massive scale RTS game has another major update, it now includes their own version of a minimap.
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