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Category: Strategy
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GOL Cast: Furiously Counterattacking in Ground Pounders

There aren't too many collectible card games on Linux, but here's something a bit like that. Though it comes with plenty of traditional turn-based strategy along with the cards. Let's see what's in it!

Deadhold, A Squad Based Action RTS Game, And It's Coming To Linux

Deadhold is a Squad Based Action RTS game, brought to you by veteran game developers who have worked on titles such as Borderlands 2, Battlefield 2, Homefront and Myth 3.

Worlds of Magic Strategy Game Released On Steam Early Access

Worlds of Magic is a good looking turn based strategy game that has just released into Steam Early Access and it looks great. The game is based on Master of Magic and the initial reviews are stellar.

Train Fever Business Simulation Game Now On Linux

Train Fever has delivered the promised Linux support that was missing from their initial Steam release.

McDROID Released For Linux On Steam

McDROID is a fancy mix of strategy, tower defence and action packed together in a fine looking package. It's now available on Steam for the full release.

Executive Assault, A Fun Looking FPS/RTS Hybrid Game Coming To Linux

Executive Assault is a good looking real time strategy game that allows you to take control of units in FPS mode!

Planetary Annihilation Officially Launches, Linux Is Polished Up

Planetary Annihilation has officially launched as one of the biggest RTS games ever made. The scale of it is just immense as you fight from planet to planet, and luckily the Linux version was polished up!

Tropico 5 Linux Release Date Announced, It's Very Close

Tropico 5 is highly anticipated for Linux gamers and one I have been personally waiting for. It sees you return to the island nation of Tropico for more madness.

Interloper A Fancy Looking New RTS Game Coming Soon For Linux

Real time strategy games are my favourite genre next to first person shooters and Interloper is tickling my fancy right now. It's a brand new in-development RTS game.

Mojang Releases Roadmap For Scrolls, Still No Sign Of Linux

Scrolls is a bit of a sad song for Linux and for me especially as I purchased it on their public promise of a Linux version, and with their release of a roadmap Linux is nowhere in sight.

Empire: Total War Looks Close To A Linux Version, Pokes Fun At Linux Gamers

We already knew that Total War: ROME II would come to Linux, but now it looks like the original Empire: Total War will come to Linux too and maybe sooner than the sequel.

GOL Cast: Fighting A Desperate Battle in AI War

An RTS fan? Well, you might like what this complex strategy game about a galactic war against an over-powered AI brings to the table. Let's see what AI War is all about!

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth Has A Strategy Packed New Trailer

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth is going to rock the strategy world when it gets released. We already know the Linux release will be delayed, so for now here's a new awesome trailer.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut RPG Is A Thing & Has A Trailer

Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut is a new edition of the DLC for Shadowrun Returns in standalone form. The Director's Cut adds a host of new content and enhancements to the original game.

Planetary Annihilation Releasing Next Month, New Epic Trailer

Planetary Annihilation is to officially release on September the 5th, the current Linux version is terribly buggy, but the latest test build is very promising.
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