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Category: Strategy
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Victory At Sea, A Naval Strategy Game Coming Soon To Linux

This is what I like to see! Victory At Sea is a great looking naval combat game that is coming to Linux in August. It has a full campaign mode too.

Dungeon Colony Now Available On Itch, A 2D Fantasy RTS For Linux

Dungeon Colony, a 2D fantasy RTS in which you control a Dungeon Lord and his loyal minions is now available to buy on, it's a good little game a previewed before.

Braveland Turn Based Strategy Gains A Survival Mode To Add To Replayablity

Braveland is a beautifully drawn strategy game that has fully Linux support and a big new content update.

Earth 2140 Gold Edition Now Supports High Resolutions

Probably my biggest gripe with the Earth 2140 Linux release was the terribly low resolution making everything look a bit crap. Thankfully that has now been sorted with the latest version.

Open Source FPS/RTS Hybrid Unvanquished Alpha 28 Released

Unvanquished sure is one of the prettiest open source games around isn't it? Like clockwork they have released a new alpha with a bucket-load of changes.

GOL Cast: Being Part of the Bug Community in Hive

Working on these GOL Casts has allowed me to take a look at various games with different genres. Today we can add a new type of a game to the list as we check out this strategy game, which is originally based on a board game, called Hive.

Updated: Nuclear Throne Gets Smarter In The Latest Update For Linux

Nuclear Throne the excellent 2D procedural death labyrinth that becomes quite the bullet hell has been updated with alpha #29 with more weapons!

Prison Architect Alpha 21 Launches For Linux, Prisoners Can Now Get Drugged Up!

Prison Architect is undeniably one of the most unique games we have on Linux, not many other games have ever come out that see you manage a prison of all things.

Pandora: First Contact Now On Steam For Linux With Big Content Update

Pandora: First Contact is a science fiction 4X turn-based strategy game on a planetary scale. It is now on Steam & has a huge free contact update. I recently took a look at it with some thoughts and a video as well.

Anomaly Defenders Released For Linux, The Last In The Anomaly Series

Anomaly Defenders is now out for Linux and continues the struggle from the previous Anomaly games, only this time you are attacking the aliens! There's a good deal going on it too.

Spacebase DF-9, A Space Station Building Sim Alpha 5 Released For Linux

Spacebase DF-9 already looks like a great game and now alpha 5 is available for Linux too! The developers note that it's their biggest update yet to their space station building game.

Warlock 2: The Exiled, A Good Looking Strategy Game Looks Closer To A Linux Release

Earlier this month we pointed out that Warlock 2 a good looking strategy game may come to Linux, the developers also sent us a funny message on it.

Bionic Dues Now DRM Free On Humble Store

Bionic Dues is the pretty fun 2D mech combat game from Arcen Games that was previously Steam-only for us Linux gamers. Luckily now you can get it on Humble Store too!

New Release: Kill The Bad Guy Released For Linux

Track the Bad Guys, be brutal and smart in your planning, and eliminate them one by one. But bear this in mind: each criminal’s death has to look like an accident. In each level, you’ll have the chance to splatter and destroy the Bad Guy using various weapons and traps.

Get In Quick Before Factorio Raises Their Prices

Factorio is the great simulation game that mixes a few different genre's for excellent results and you only have a few days left before the price goes up.
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