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Category: Survival
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DayZ Looks Like It Will Come To Linux In Future

DayZ is the massively popular open world zombie survival game that re-started the genre for a lot of people, and it looks like the developer wants to bring it to Linux.

Yarr! Pixel Piracy Hits The Big 1.0 Release

Pixel Piracy is not anything to do with piracy, so they may be a let down for some of you. It's actually a rather fun game about little pirate's and building your own pirate ship! Now where's me rum?

Darkwood Arrives To Scare Linux Gamers

Darkwood is an interesting take on the horror and survival genre with a top down perspective and a really dark setting.

Terraria Moves Even Closer To A Linux Release

You may remember we did an article recently about the developers of Terraria looking into a Linux port, but it wasn't 100%. Well I think we can call it close too 100% now...

The Long Dark A Post-digital Survival Game To Be On Linux At Launch

The Long Dark promises to be an interesting take on the survival game genre with an "original" art style. It does look pretty good, and the final version will be on Linux.

A Linux Port Of Terraria Will Soon Be Looked At, Hooray

Terraria a very popular 2D sandbox game is alive once again thanks to a renewed push from developers, and in a recent update they noted Linux will be looking into after Mac (and Mac looks close).

Don't Starve Together Teaser Release

Don't Starve Together is the eagerly anticipated multiplayer expansion for Don't Starve, a game that has been screaming out for a multiplayer since day one. There is now a very early teaser.

Contagion Source Engine Based Survival FPS Linux Port In Progress

After the last update from the guys at Contagion it looked like they were in for a long wait on getting answers from Valve. It seems Valve has been giving them a hand now and the Linux port is in progress.

Darkwood Survival Horror Game Delayed, Linux Will Now Get Day 1 Support

Darkwood is the great looking top down procedurally generated survival/horror game that is coming to Steam's Early Access and now luckily with day 1 support of Linux.

Contagion Survival FPS Waiting On Valve For Help To Come To Linux

We have covered Contagion the awesome looking survival FPS that plans to come to Linux, but they have now detailed what's going on and they need Valve's help.

Update: Contagion Zombie FPS Game Still Coming To Linux, Work In Progress

We let you know recently that the Source engine based zombie survival FPS game Contagion would have news about a Linux version soon. The developers have given a small hint about it now.

Contagion, The FPS Co-op Zombie Survival Game Linux Version Likely Soon

Contagion is the fantastic looking co-op zombie survival FPS game that was delayed for Linux. It looks like that delay may be coming to an end.

Project Zomboid Major Update Released, Video Of Failure Included

Project Zomboid has finally gone and done it. The developers have pushed 'build 26' to the main download on Steam and soon to Desura too. Desura users will be delighted by this.

Multiplayer Don't Starve Is Now A Thing, Don't Starve Together

Something I have wanted since Don't Starve is a multiplayer Don't Starve and it's now becoming a reality, hooray!

Sir, You Are Being Hunted FPS Stealth Game Hits The Big Release For Linux

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a freedom sandbox stealth experience, where each playthrough is unique, thanks to the British Countryside Generator. Escape from these robot-infested islands with violence, trickery and stealth.
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