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Category: Unity
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The next major update for the MMO Albion Online named 'Oberon' is due March 20th

Oberon is going to spice things up quite a bit for Albion Online, one of the few MMOs that actually has a supported Linux version.

Snakebird Primer is a fantastic and slightly amusing puzzle game you should try

After releasing recently, Snakebird Primer had a few issues with the Linux version. They're now mostly fixed and I've had a really great time with it.

Escape room style puzzler with a seven deadly sin theme 'Forgiveness' is out now

For those who love a good puzzle while also don't mind having their brain messed with, Forgiveness is out now and it's pretty good.

Rise of Industry has another huge update, full release date announced

I was very impressed with Rise of Industry last time I took a look at this strategic tycoon game from Dapper Penguin Studios. They have another big update out along with an announcement about leaving Early Access.

Agitate, a small indie game that's like a reverse city-builder with you playing as nature has Linux support

A bit of an odd one to put a title to, Agitate from solo developer Tay has you build plants and try to survive the coming of the Hoomans.

Battle Motion is another fantasy battle sim that's now available on Linux

Battle Motion is a game I briefly highlighted here on GOL before, with a release now available on Steam for this fantasy battle sim.

Action RPG 'Moonlighter' had a massive free update recently making it a much more interesting game

Moonlighter was already quite interesting, with the mix of action-RPG dungeon crawling along with working in a shop to sell your goods, now with the free Friends & Foes update it's even more fun.

Ravenfield, the single-player FPS with large-scale battles has a new release out

More FPS news for you this weekend, with the single-player Ravenfield having another great update out with lots of new toys.

The unique FPS 'Shotgun Farmers' is leaving Early Access next month

Shotgun Farmers, by far one of the most unique FPS games I've played in a long time is due to leave Early Access soon.

Tannenberg, the WWI shooter has officially left Early Access and it's good fun

With massive online battles and some great design work, the WWI FPS Tannenberg has now left Early Access.

Aurora: The Lost Medallion, a sci-fi 2D point & click adventure has a demo out with Linux support

Aurora: The Lost Medallion from Greek developer Noema Games is a very promising sci-fi adventure that will be coming to Linux.

First-person horror mystery 'Heliophobia' has Linux support and it's very weird

One I missed that released late last year, Heliophobia is a first-person horror mystery set in an incredibly surreal world.

Survival game Rust has a big Unity upgrade which should help the Linux version

The Air Power update for the survival game Rust is now live, along with some big new features it also has improved Linux support.

Unity 2018.3.4 is out with some important fixes for Linux games

The Unity team have pushed out another point release with Unity 2018.3.4 and it does include some well needed Linux fixes.

DUSK, the popular retro-inspired FPS now has a Linux testing build up, out for everyone next week

DUSK, a retro-inspired FPS from David Szymanski and New Blood Interactive looks awesome and you can test it out on Linux right now.
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