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Police Stories has some good-looking top-down tactical action, releasing September

Even more news out of E3 as Police Stories, a top-down shooter with an emphasis on tactics and not just firing-first is going to release on September 19th with a new trailer.

The latest footage of UnderMine (coming to Linux) from E3 has me excited to dig deep for riches

UnderMine from Thorium is entering Early Access sometime this Summer and it sure does look like a lot of fun.

Ribbiting Saga, a very sweet looking SNES-inspired action adventure game is coming to Linux

Ribbiting Saga is another game popping up during E3 that will be supporting Linux! It's a SNES-inspired action adventure game and it really does look sweet.

Brutal turn-based RPG Stoneshard has a new trailer and release date

Stoneshard, another game that was funded thanks to Kickstarter is getting ready to release and they have a new trailer to show it off a little.

Space station building sim Starmancer is looking really good from the new E3 trailer, coming to Linux

Funded on Kickstarter, Starmancer really looks like it's coming along nicely and they had a trailer to show off during E3.

Flap your wings while you Kickflip in SkateBIRD, now on Kickstarter and it looks brilliant

SkateBIRD is a very promising and very cute skateboarding game with birds, yes birds riding skateboards.

Klei Entertainment hit the restart button on Griftlands, confirmed to come to Linux but Epic Store first

Klei Entertainment have now announced Griftlands, again, although they hit the restart button on it and it's turned into a single-player deck building game where you negotiate, fight, steal or otherwise persuade others to get your way.

First person puzzle-platformer 'Abstract Initiative' looks like it could be one to watch

Not one we've covered before, Abstract Initiative is a first-person puzzle platformer that's coming to Linux.

Steam Marines 2 is coming to Steam for Linux soon, Steam Marines 3 going first-person

Two bits of news to cover from developer Worthless Bums concerning the Steam Marines series, with two sequels (yes, two) on the way.

Yomi No Kuni, an Anime/Samurai RPG that's in development will be coming to Linux

This Way Games are currently developing Yomi No Kuni, an Anime/Samurai RPG and it has confirmed Linux support.

Try out the revamped demo of CHROMATOSE, a stylish RPG/Visual Novel hybrid with a card battle system

After a successful crowdfunding campaign back in April, developer Akabaka has revamped the demo for the incredibly stylish RPG/Visual Novel hybrid.

XO, a retro sci-fi strategy game is coming this year with Linux support

Sometimes crowdfunding campaigns for fun looking games slip past me, such is the case with XO. It's a strategic fleet defence game blending real-time with pause, with retro visuals and it looks pretty good.

CARRION, the crazy reverse-horror game with you as an amorphous creature has a new E3 trailer

CARRION, developed by Phobia Game Studio and Devolver Digital, it's a reverse-horror with you playing as the monster. It's looking pretty crazy!

Lovely Planet 2: April Skies, a very colourful FPS confirmed for Linux and releasing June 18th

QUICKTEQUILA and tinyBuild have teamed up once again, with Lovely Planet 2: April Skies looking just as colourful and unusual as the first.

Spiritfarer, a cozy management game about dying announced and it's coming to Linux

Hey look, even more news for you tonight from E3! Thunder Lotus Games (Jotun, Sundered) just announced Spiritfarer, what they're saying is a cozy management game about dying.
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