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Fantasy Strike, a really great fighting game is officially launching on July 25th

Fantasy Strike is a fighting game that's designed to be streamlined and welcoming to new players, while also being great for veterans of the genre and it's launching soon.

Knightin'+ is a "Zelda-lite adventure" coming to Linux and it does look pretty sweet

Knightin'+ from developer Muzt Die Studios is a sweet looking "Zelda-lite adventure" that's an upgraded version of Knightin' that was made for the Pixel Day 2018 event and it actually won.

MicroTown aims to be a relaxing village construction and management simulator and it's coming to Linux

Currently in development and heading towards an Early Access release, MicroTown looks pretty sweet with an aim to be relaxing while you build a village.

Supraland 2, a sequel to the highly rated first-person metroidvania is crowdfunding and coming to Linux

While the original Supraland isn't on Linux (yet), Supraland 2 is coming and it's currently crowdfunding to make a bigger sequel to the very highly rated first-person metroidvania.

Programming puzzle game 'Robo Instructus' to release July 16th

Fancy a bit of programming to solve some puzzles? Robo Instructus is exactly what you want then and it's releasing next month on July 16th with Linux support.

An interview with Bearded Giant Games about Linux, development and their game Space Mercs

Today we have another interview for you, with Bearded Giant Games who are currently making the extreme space shooter Space Mercs.

OXXO is the next puzzler from the developer of Zenge, Art Of Gravity, PUSH and more

Hamster On Coke Games are at it again, with a new puzzle game on the way called OXXO that promises an experience that evolves as you play it.

Flea Madness sound like a ridiculously fun multiplayer game where you eat your enemies

Flea Madness, currently in development by Priple is a fast-paced multiplayer action game that looks good and the idea sounds pretty amusing too.

LOST ORBIT: Terminal Velocity looks like an intense fast-paced space action game coming to Linux

LOST ORBIT: Terminal Velocity from PixelNAUTS Games popped up on Steam recently and after reading up on it and checking out their trailer, I'm sold, it looks awesome.

Last Moon, a 2D action-RPG with a gorgeous vibrant style will be coming to Linux next year

Sköll Studio managed to capture my attention recently, with some early footage of their action-RPG 'Last Moon' popping up in my feed and it looks gorgeous.

Prison Architect gains a new warden with Double Eleven, free update incoming

After Paradox Interactive acquired the rights to Prison Architect from Introversion Software, they've now announced that Double Eleven will be handling future updates.

Tense Reflection sounds like pretty original take on combining a shooter with a puzzle game

Tense Reflection will ask you to think, solve and shoot as you need to solve puzzles to reload your ammo making it a rather unique hybrid of game genres.

The survival game 'SCUM' seems to still be coming to Linux, no date yet though

SCUM, a survival game from Gamepires, Croteam and Devolver Digital that was previously confirmed to eventually come to Linux is still planned.

In the real-time strategy game "Moduwar" you control and change an alien organism

I absolutely love real-time strategy games, so Moduwar was quite a catch to find. It seems rather unique too, especially how you control everything.

Insurgency: Sandstorm for Linux not due until next year, with a beta likely first

We're in for a sadly longer wait than expected for the first-person shooter Insurgency: Sandstorm, as it's not coming until next year for Linux.
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