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Category: Wine
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You can now easily run the Epic Store on Linux with Lutris, Epic suggests applying for a grant

Thanks to some effort from the team behind Lutris (and Wine of course), you can now run the Epic Store quite easily on Linux.

DXVK 1.0.3 is released while work towards fixing up DXVK 1.1 continues

DXVK, the incredible project kicking over Direct3D 10/11 to Vulkan for use in Wine has a fresh point release available now.

Wine 4.6 is officially out with the start of a Vulkan backend for WineD3D

The Wine 4.6 development release is now available and it includes some rather interesting updates, along with plenty of bug fixes.

DXVK, the Vulkan-based layer for Direct3D 10/11 in Wine has a major 1.1 release out now (updated)

DXVK, the awesome project that has helped push Linux gaming further has a new release out and it sounds pretty huge.

DXVK 1.0.2 is out with some bug fixes, d9vk seems to be progressing nicely

Two bits of Wine-related news today with both DXVK for Vulkan-based D3D11 and D3D10 and d9vk for Vulkan-based D3D9 coming along.

Wine 4.5 is now officially out with more Media Foundation APIs, Vulkan 1.1 and more

Released late yesterday, the Wine team officially put out a new development release with Wine 4.5 now available.

CodeWeavers on how Proton (Steam Play) helped improve Wine 4.2

CodeWeavers, specifically developer Andrew Eikum, has written a blog post giving a little more detail on how working with Valve on Proton (Steam Play) has helped shape Wine.

CodeWeavers have released CrossOver 18.5 pulling in Wine 4.0 and FAudio

For those who want to help with Wine development without contributing code, CodeWeavers host the Wine project and contribute to its development along with their own CrossOver product.

Wine 4.4 is now available with more Media Foundation API work

The latest and greatest from the Wine team is now out. Wine 4.4 continues their biweekly development releases to eventually become Wine 5.0.

DXVK 1.0.1 is out for Vulkan-based D3D11 and D3D10 with Wine

Today we have the first bug-fix update for DXVK since the big 1.0 last month. It's not a huge release but as always it's a good one.

Wine 4.3 is out with the XAudio2 reimplementation 'FAudio' included

The Wine 4.3 development release is quite an interesting one, as it includes Ethan Lee's XAudio reimplementation named FAudio.

d9vk, a project based on DXVK for Direct3D 9 over Vulkan

d9vk, from developer Joshua Ashton who works for both CodeWeavers and the game developer Puny Human, is a new personal project aimed at running Direct3D 9 over Vulkan.

DXVK, the project for D3D11 and D3D10 over Vulkan hits the big 1.0

The day has finally arrived for the DXVK project to put on its big boy pants, as it has hit the 1.0 release and it's full of interesting changes.

Wine 4.2 is officially out with plenty of game fixes

The Wine team are having a busy year once again, with the second development release for Wine 5.0 out as the bottle for Wine 4.2 is now open and ready to be passed around.

Apparently Valve are working with Easy Anti-Cheat to get support in Steam Play (updated: yup)

Treat this with a pinch of salt since we've been unable to confirm it, Valve and Easy Anti-Cheat are apparently working to get it supported with Steam Play.
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