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Article Guide and Tips
Important notes:
  • These guidlines are for submitting front-page content. If you're just wanting to do a tip, email us instead.
  • Write your articles locally, save it, then put it online. Don't be daft and write articles directly in the browser.
  • Articles should be written in plain HTML.

These are not hard rules, more of a general guide to help you along.

- Article titles must be more than 1 or 2 words and be as descriptive as possible.
- Good title example "game name RPG is now on Linux", it's only minor, but the game genre helps inform visitors and helps search engines index it.
- If it's not safe for work, or specifically adult (looking at you Visual Novels and your anime boobs!) please note it!
- Don't bait people with overly ambigious headlines. It annoys everyone.

- A good 90% of visitors would be linked directly to the article, so they will never see the tagline. Don't put anything in the tagline not covered in the article.

- No excess whitespace, articles should end with the last word/image/video ready for the comments, no extra pointless spacing or anything please. Do not pad articles out, it's extremely annoying.
- Include the trailer, a game-play one if you can for game updates and new game news (or at least a screen-shot/art), not required for editorials.
- No more than 3 videos per article page as it will slow down page loading rather a lot.
- Include source links for all quotes if there is a website available for it (unlike an email). Non-sourced quotes are annoying and don't give credit to the people who got them for us to use.
- Link the official website, you would be shocked how many people don't include a single link. Please include a link, please. If you used a source, please link the official post, and thank the site you found it from.

What to avoid
- No linkbaiting. Don't make something unclear to link to something else.

Article Rejection (mainly for submissions from non-editors)
- It happens, don't take offence, and it happens a fair bit when we get duplicates or we decided to write about it ourselves directly.
- If you feel an editor used your work and didn't credit you send a polite personal message to them. If they do not respond then personal message Liam Dawe the website owner to sort it out directly.

PLEASE PREVIEW YOUR ARTICLE, the less another editor has to fix the more likely we are to not only approve the article, but approve it in a timely manner. Does it honestly look how you would want to read it?