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Game developer, Linux helper person, and independent writer/interviewer.

Currently working on Winter's Wake, a first person text adventure thing and its engine Icicle. Also making a little bee themed base builder called Hive Time

I do more stuff than could ever fit into a bio.

Find me in these places:

Steam Linux Beta Is Getting Closer!

By Cheeseness,
Subscription [url=]16549 [/url]has appeared in the Steam Content Description Record (CDR) database. Mirrors such as [url=][/url], [url=]portal-2...

Planetary Annihilation RTS on Kickstarter

By Cheeseness,
[url=]Planetary Annihilation[/url], a multi-planet RTS by Uber Entertainment, which has a team including people who worked on Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander s about to pass its Kickstarter goal...

Example Unity 4 Titles Ready For Testing

By Cheeseness,
I came across a Unity forum thread earlier today, in which a couple of tech demos/test games have been posted for Linux testing.

FLAT - An Ice Skating FPS

By Cheeseness,
Back in June, I participated in the 7 Day FPS Challenge ([url=]7DFPS[/url]), and developed, along with two other talented people, a first person ice skating combat game called [url=]FLAT[/url] in under a week...

Cheese Talks: More Humble Bundle Stuff!

By Cheeseness,
Hi all When the Humble Music Bundle launched, I was pretty excited by the notion of a non game-oriented bundle and the potential extra perspective it might give on contributor behaviour for other bundles. [url=

Slides From Valve's OpenGL BOF Talk at SIGGRAPH

By Cheeseness,
G'day all Copies of [url=]the slides from Rich Geldreich's talk at last week's SIGGRAPH OpenGL BOF[/url] are now available on the Khronos...

Oculus Rift VR Headset To Support Linux

By Cheeseness,
There's currently a project on Kickstarter called the Oculus Rift, which aims to break the multi thousand price barrier for (comparatively) high resolution, consumer ready HMDs and bring in higher response time head tracking functionality.

New Valve Linux Blog Post Talks About Performance

By Cheeseness,
Valve have just published a [url=]new post[/url] to their Linux blog talking about their experiences with increasing the performance of Left 4 Dead 2 on Linux.

Defense Grid To Come To Linux Eventually

By Cheeseness,
I've been in communication with Jeff from Hidden Path about their plans for the Defense Grid franchise beyond the in-progress Kickstarter campaign.

Zombie Tux Spotted in L4D2 Update Announcement

By Cheeseness,
The most recent Left 4 Dead 2 update (which includes the community created Cold Stream campaign,plus the original Left 4 Dead 1 campaigns) announcement includes a mention of upcoming Linux support and steers people towards the recently launched Valve Linux Blog.

Valve's Linux Development Blog Goes Live

By Cheeseness,
Valve have just launched their Linux blog! It's great to see some more communication come out of Valve!

Cheese Talks To Digital Arrow (about Dilogus and other things)

By Cheeseness,
Hot on the heels of my recent interview with RLK about the Open Source game Neverball, I am proud to present a discussion with Norbert Varga of Digital Arrow!

Cheese Talks To Robert Kooima (about Neverball)

By Cheeseness,
Hi all! It is with immense pleasure that I present my latest "cheese talks to" interview, this time featuring the thoughts and perspectives of Robert Kooima (RLK) on the evolution of the open source game Neverball, which he personally developed until the game's 1...

The Humble Indie Bundle V Reddit IAmA - A Summary

By Cheeseness,
So earlier this evening, I offered to post a quick write-up with quotes of any Linux relevant stuff from the recent [url=]Humble Bundle developers' IAmA thread on Reddit[/url]...
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