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Early Access indie kart racing game, Hibby Kart, inspired by N64 classics

By GustyGhost,
A casual kart racing game currently in early access, Hibby Kart aims to replicate an experience similar to old N64 karting games such as Diddy Kong Racing.

Asteroid belt trucking in open world action adventure game 'Redshift 7'

By GustyGhost,
A user submission about the open world action adventure game Redshift 7, with a short story about their time in the game.

My Survival Story in Drox Operative

By GustyGhost,
I am a Drox Operative, captain of the Diffraction, a Reaper Light Destroyer along with my ragtag crew, Molder: my Reaper tactical officer, Phyllojackswing: my dedicated Marine and Kozak: a dragon-man responsible for our helm. We are on an ongoing mission in the Tanar galaxy by order of the Drox Operative Guild.
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