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The Funding Crowd 18 (Sep 3rd-11th)

By muntdefems,
It's been a while but The Funding Crowd is finally back! Here come all you need to know about the crowdfunding of Linux games.

The Funding Crowd 17 (Aug 28th - Sep 2nd)

By muntdefems,
The Funding Crowd is here! Here you'll find enough Linux games crowdfunding facts to be the center of attention at your next social gathering, guaranteed.

Hot Tin Roof, a modern adventure platformer with a classic touch

By muntdefems,
It's raining outside in this late summer afternoon and I'm feeling a bit under the weather too, so it's the perfect occasion to engage myself with a film noir adventure game like Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora.

The Funding Crowd 2^4 (Aug 22nd-27th)

By muntdefems,
The Funding Crowd is struggling to return to its original spot on Mondays. One step at a time, it comes today firmly determined to update you on the Linux games crowdfunding scene.

The Funding Crowd 15 (Aug 15th-21st)

By muntdefems,
Like in many previous occasions, as if it were the Spanish Inquisition, The Funding Crowd arrives when most unexpected! Time for taking another look at what's cooking in the world of crowdfunding for Linux games.

The Cheapskate's Corner 14 (Aug 16th-22nd)

By muntdefems,
The Cheapskate's Corner is back, just in time to introduce some amazing deals to you before they expire.

The Funding Crowd 14 (Aug 7th - 14th)

By muntdefems,
It might look like we're testing your patience by way of publishing The Funding Crowd a day later every week, but we can positively assure you we're not! It's just that crowdfunding columns and holidays don't usually mix well.

Funding Crowd the 13th (July 31st - Aug 6th)

By muntdefems,
Just when you began to ponder the idea of [b]The Funding Crowd[/b] skipping an issue, here it comes to prove you wrong. Booyah!

Crowd-Funding Linux Graphics Card Driver Development?

By Tim,
Over the years many have brought up the idea of crowd funding open source graphics driver development in order to speed up development and finally close the gap on the Windows drivers. A few days ago I setup a small scale experiment to see if it could act...

The Funding Crowd 12 (July 23rd-30th)

By muntdefems,
Here comes another delayed issue of The Funding Crowd. We'd like to capitulate and declare Tuesdays as the new official publication day for this column, but we're afraid that if doing so then we'll begin publishing them on Wednesdays so w...

The Funding Crowd 11 (July 16th - 22nd)

By muntdefems,
Do you still have some money left after the Steam sales? Do you like to support small indie studios to fulfill their dreams of releasing amazing and creative games for Linux? Then The Funding Crowd is just what you need! Keep reading and ...

The Cheapskate's Corner 10 (Jul 18th-24th) (UPDATED)

By muntdefems,
«All Quiet on the WeSteam Front». This is how we were about to entitle this week's column before we knew about a couple of novelties to spice up this weekly report. Before knowing what they are, let's make a brief recap of all the finished deal...

The Funding Crowd 10 (July 9th - 15th)

By muntdefems,
Wow, it seems like yesterday that we decided to start a weekly crowdfunding column and it's been 10 issues already. The Funding Crowd has grown an order of magnitude but still hasn't been able to get rid of its chronic lack of punctuality...

The Funding Crowd 9 (July 2nd - 8th)

By muntdefems,
Welcome back to The Funding Crowd! It's late, we're tired, and we want to go to sleep, although not before finishing and publishing our weekly crowdfunding column! But since we suspect nobody ever reads these introductory paragraphs anywa...

The Cheapskate's Corner 8 (Jul 4th-10th) (UPDATED)

By muntdefems,
Welcome back to another issue of The Cheapskate's Corner, your favourite information source about bundles, sales and deals involving Linux games. This week we've got plenty of stuff for you, counting both new and ongoing deals. But be qui...

The Funding Crowd 8 (Jun 26th - Jul 1st)

By muntdefems,
Welcome back to The Funding Crowd, a little late as usual! And this time made even worse by teasing you with an incomplete version of the column. It's all over now, that we've updated the article to include this weeks Hidden Gems...

The Funding Crowd 7 (Jun 18th - 25th)

By muntdefems,
Welcome back to The Funding Crowd, your weekly digest about all the Linux games that are being crowdfunded out there. As usual we begin taking a look at the campaigns that ended, either for good or for bad, during the last seven days:

The Funding Crowd 6 (Jun 11th - 17th)

By muntdefems,
Welcome to another edition of The Funding Crowd. We still have no sponsors for the column, but this week we acquired a far more valuable asset: the priceless collaboration of Speedster. Please welcome her and her outstand...

The Funding Crowd V (Jun 4th - 10th)

By muntdefems,
Another edition of The Funding Crowd has arrived. And, following the current trend, it comes a week and a day after the previous one. We know it could look like a cunning plan to spare us the effort to write an article once in every seven...

The Funding Crowd Goes Fourth (May 27th - Jun 3rd)

By muntdefems,
First and foremost, we'd like to apologize for the delay. The Funding Crowd crew (which is basically me, if you haven't noticed) had a rather busy weekend and couldn't deliver its weekly column in time. We'll try to avoid any further dela...
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